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Severe low Vitamin D ?

Thanks to everyone for my advice on doctors visit its helped massively . Good news , I have been referred to rhuemy,how long I have to wait I'm unsure,meanwhile,I'm to quote GP severely low in vit D,I'm to chew tablets and go for injection in morning,trouble is ,ANA was normal and iron low , I don't know what any of this means . Doctor doesn't seem to think I have lupus,his attitudes changed since my first visit,I showed him photos of my swollen foot,made him look at my sore ears and bald spots. No idea what to about the injection,truth is I'm frightened of masking the real problem and never reaching a proper diagnosis.not in a flare at mo, taking 900mg Gabapentin 120mg codeine phosphate 10/20mg Amitriptyline per day plus the new meds today for Vit D . Any help greatly appreciated as always x

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Hi there. I am interested to see how you are getting on. I have severely low Vit D as well and have been experiencing lots of different symptoms - on the verge of suggesting Lupus to my GP because I always get sent home with pain killers or other tablets. How are all your symptoms and have you got any further with your diagnosis?


I have very low Vit D too...I had an injection last year followed by chewy went up for a bit...but blood results this week say it is back down again...Lupus nurse said to contact GP for another injection and said I may need a top up regularly in future. I cant top it up with sunshine as very sensitive to sun even with factor 50 on. Told it is very common among Lupus sufferers ...I hope this helps x


Thank you x


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