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Life's a drag

I feel sometimes when I walk I'm dragging my feet/legs also that might fall over.lost my balance other day while in shower at my daughter's her shower door saved me,if I'd been at home could've been nasty.had little bouts of this before while going upstairs.might be trivial but getting a bit scary feel a bit paranoid about stairs(only a little bit)esp at work (cellar).at end of day(work day)dragging part worse it feels like soon I will be crawling upstairs to bed.Am I being paranoid? Can anyone relate to any of this? X

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Yes! I get dead legs in the lower leg on both sides if I've walked too much - which is every day! I drag my feet sometimes but more often than not I go the other way and the movement of putting my feet down one after the other is exaggerated and it looks like I'm slapping them down because I don't have much control over them. Bloody lupus!


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