Which sunscreen do you use? (Please share your experiences in the comments section too)

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  • Always use sunsense, do find it it doesn't run in very well. But it's works well.also use p20 which is also very good.

  • I used to use uvistat but very thick and noticeable on my already pale skin. Sun sense loads better goes on well and does the job perfectly.

  • Use suns ensue daily face but not available on perscription

  • I haven't voted as I haven't been diagnosed with lupus...am currently being investigated for it. I have terribly sensitive skin and photosensitivity. I use Greenpeople Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF30 which works well for me. (I used Le Roche-Posey 50+ last year and it made my face swell.)

  • I get Le Roche - Posey on prescription.

  • I get mine on pescription from my doctor and I ask for the rollerball ones - they are great to keep in your bag and you can reapply really quickly when out and about

  • Sunsense f50 on prescription and also Ultra Sun - which is soon due to be available on prescription! Both really good, both my top and only choice due to sensitivity 😊 x

  • It works good with me sunsense factor 50+. Prescribed. To use all year round.

  • Vichy ideal Soleil SPF 50 UVB + UVA

  • I use Neutrogena SPF 100 and sun sense factor 50

  • I was tested for allergies because I went as red as a beetroot with Dermatologist prescribed sunblock. The culprit was the parabens they widely use in commercial sunblocks. If anyone can tell me of a high factor, tinted, cancer-chemical free sunblock, I would be happy. I have sub-acute Lupus and Jessner's Lymphocytic Infiltrate - which up until recently was described as an 'atypical Lupus rash' - until I agreed to yet more biopsy scars on my body, for it to be defined. Frankly, they could have diagnosed it 18 years ago when they started hacking chunks off my skin, and were heard to mutter 'Jessner's' (which is on the Lupus spectrum of disorders). So, I am interested in this poll to see if anyone has found a sunblock that doesn't have nasties in it - look at the labels folks.

  • Sorry to hear so many troubles...

    greenpeople only go up to factor 30. I've only discovered one "natural" one at more than 30 and am considering trying: Lovea Organic SPF50 Daily Face Cream.

    I just cover up. sunsense daily face 50 that I use has parabens and sometimes tingles me - so would not recommend. I cover up and stay in or have umbrella as well as cover up in middle of summer/day.

  • just seen your other post below. if there are no creams strong enough and medication doesn't lower sensitivty to light, that is the option i.e. dress like a muslim...or thereabouts. Nobody gave me any advice, but fortunately Ma & Pa make and design clothes so I have a sun protection cotton fabric sewn into long sleeve blouses, long dresses and skirt... I have scarf over head, workwear glasses and sunprotection buff or scarf over face... or if cooler: bamboo hoodie, baseball cap and buff over face but eyes can get sore, and vision restricted a little

  • I use La Roche-Posay. Unfortunately it only comes in small tubes but it sinks into the skin unlike the Sunsense I tried at the start. Has anyone had any luck using any of the once a day type sunscreens?

  • Forgot to say I am prescribed Uvistat Factor 50. I use it on days when I have an urge to look like a Giesha Girl. My ex-Dermatologist told me to dress like a Muslim in head to foot covering. Just shows how much she actually cares. I sacked her and moved on to someone with more practical advice.

  • I use Sunsense sun sensitive cream 50+. Find that you only have to use a very small amount and really have to rub it in otherwise you are left with white marks on your skin.

  • Quite happy with Sunsense and it's available on prescription. I also use Boots Soltan Protect and Moisturise Face on a daily basis as a moisturiser.

  • I've clicked what I used to always use, but nowwa days I use none as I like to sit in the sun for about 45 minutes to aid the raising of my Vit D3, then stay shaded ~Jill~ X

  • Hi -Jill-,

    The advice for getting vitamin D from the sun is to be out in the sun daily for short periods with forearms, hands or lower legs uncovered and without sunscreen. A short period of time in the sun means just a few minutes – about 10 to 15 minutes is enough for most lighter-skinned people – and is less than the time it takes you to start going red or burn. Exposing yourself for longer is unlikely to provide any additional benefits.

    I would not advise anybody with lupus to expose themselves to the sun because of the risk of inducing a flare. I would recommend getting a test for vitamin D and calcium levels from their doctor and bring prescribed a supplement if needed.

  • Thanks for your advice, I will take note, my vitamin D is at present very low 38 nmo/L not sure which calcium level you mean I have serum calcium which is at 2.5 mmol/L

    Thanks Paul_Howard


  • I get this on prescription.Works for me.

  • Neutrogena sfp 100 its brill

  • I also use neutragena face sunscreen which is spf110 and rubs in really well. Available on amazon

  • Inspite of wearing Sunscreen 50, I have sun spots. Is it normal? I am on plaquenil.

  • i have sun spots too, but my Mom also had them...Might be a family thing?

  • True! My mom had them too. Mine are new... Was Recently diagnosed with maybe Lupus & started Plaquenil. Seems like coincidence as it makes you photosensitive.

  • I was on plaquinil, but not now....I think i started to notice age spots in the last 6 years....My Mom was darker skinned than i but had age spots. I'm fair skinned, and of all the things i could inherit from her, i think that's what is :(...I have them on my legs that never see the sun...big bummer! I also have one on my face, which i hate!!!! Things seem to happen over night after menopause...or after 55 more...

  • Thank you 😊

    I am going to get a second opinion from a Rheumatologist & will ask about this...

  • Sun sense factor 50. Face one is tinted and works well with make up, and normal one is great for rest of my body. Both on prescription which is brilliant 😃 Xx

  • I use Alpha H factor 50 because it's not too heavy & greasy.

  • That's my choice, to be honest my eyes are so painful and photophobic I'm becoming a owl or a cat these days and prefer to be in the dark. Sad but true!

  • I use Neutrogena SPF 50 spray with Helioplex. No mess on your hands, just spray on and it soaks in without being greasy. I keep it with me at all times.

  • I use Piz Buan For allergy. I find it is great

  • Uvistat 30 It's a bit thick and white when appplied but this helps see that you have not missed any areas. I get it on prescription from GP as I already pay a pre paid prescription card charge for my other meds the sunscreen doesn't cost anything extra.

  • My Dematalogist recommended I use Banana Boat SPF 50 kids Sunscreen lotion and elta/MD skincare SPF 30+ for my face.

  • My Dermatologist recommended Banana Boat SPF 50 Kids suncreen and for my face elta MD skincare SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum.

  • I use the sunsense daily face 50+ for face [have used their sensitive, not specifically face, very sticky!] Sunsense ultra 50+, or previously mentioned sensitive, for fingers and ankles. Don't go out not covered up with clothing, except very dull days in november & december, but like to have face cream for indoors.

    The uvistat I had on presecription did not agree with me - besides being very very sticky.

  • ps sometimes I can't use sunsense daily face because my skin starts to tingle - I give it a break and then ok. If in allergic to everything mode then can't use.

  • I get it free on prescription otherwise I may try another one.

  • i stay out the sun and wear a wide brimmed hat and cover up

  • Nivea protect&senstive 50+ reduces the risk of sun induced allergies, extra water resistance. It's a children's one .

  • I use sunsense. One for the face and another one for the body. Both on repeat prescription 😎

  • P20 is far the best

  • I stay out of the sun, because the heat makes me feel ill...I don't use the high sunscreen the doc wanted me to use, because it was horrible and hard to spread...On my arms if they are exposed i use suntan oil with spf, which i can spread real easy...On my face i use nivea nourishing day cream with spf 15, but i dont go in sun too much...If i do, i go out super early...and im covered with light clothing...

  • I use Coppertone Sport High Performance Accuspray Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB. It stays on when you sweat. It doesn't run into your eyes. Water resistant for 80 minutes. I can get to my own back because it's a spray. I spray it on my hand to apply it to my face. This stuff WORKS! I live in Florida where it gets a tough test.

  • The sunscreen I use isome very thick and it makes me look like a goste

  • I use Nivea, but not the one listed. It is Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion 50+ very high. It works for me - I use all year round every day in the UK - and it also works very well when I'm on holiday in Turkey with temperatures of 25+ degrees.

  • I use Boots soltan 50+ for babies. I bought it last year too and am happy with it. I've also tried Eucerin 50+ sun creme and tinted face. It is in a very small bottle 50ml and about £12ish but I found it useful on holiday instead of foundation.

  • Piz Buin after sun (in a blue bottle) is incredible at soothing sun rashes. It even works on insect bites! Totally recommend it.

  • Unfortunately i have not ever been able to find one i wasn't allergic to.Would love to find one which would agree with me.

  • I use Ultrasun for Face and Body which is excellent for sun and heat sensitivity.

  • Hello! I use: Eau Thermale Avène SPF 50+. Very High Protection.

    As my skin is ultra, super sensitive, as made of paper and this brand is perfect for that kind of skin.

  • I am avoiding the chemical mixtures and using products with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as the active ingredient. I have used Banana Boat baby 50 spf for everything but my face. I found it too heavy on my face and now use Neutrogena sensitive skin sunscreen spf 60 for my face. Don't know if these products are available in the UK or just the US. I didn't recognize some you listed.

  • I use Superdrug factor 50

    Had sunsense found that to greasy

  • I use ultra sun it's great for sensitive skin and prickly heat, I'm interested in trying sunsense now Iv been diagnosed with Lucas

  • Sunsense is fab. Not too greasy.

  • I use any child's factor 50+

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