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Hemp Oil for SLE Lupus

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Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone with SLE uses Hemp oil? for anxiety and joint pain I have considered taking it. My Rheumo today said it could affect azathioprine, but wasn't sure haha. Most questions they have they don't have the answers for so its quite frustrating. Just looking for something that will help, rather than taking more pills. Currently taking antidepressants too, would rather take Hemp Oil rather than that if I can. I do have an appt with my GP in a few days, I will bring it up with him too. Just thought I would see what ppls thoughts were on this subject?

On the sly a friend has given me some just to trial it. So far its been helping anxiety and my back pain, taking 1ml daily at this stage. Any advice on this and any affects with other medications would be great. Thank you!! xx

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No one can give you any advice re: Hemp oil. I agree with you to talk to your doctor. Different countries have different laws regarding Hemp oil etc

Never take anything without your doctor’s knowledge!

Research seems to be lacking!

This is what I do know:

Grapefruit, like CBD, interferes with CYP3A4, an enzyme that helps your body process certain medications, including immunosuppressants so if a drug says to avoid grapefruit, it would be not a good idea. Tricyclic antidepressants come in this category. I did read that it can affect AZ.


The above was reviewed by a medical doctor.

With good wishes,


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