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So my soon-to-be father-in-law asked me if I had wedding Jitters yet

I laughed and told him that I do not have wedding jitters because the only thing that I would be worried about is if the other person didn't want children and we already had a child together that we planned and we wanted the same things out of life we're both just so incredibly happy to make it official and be married he's so excited I'm so excited we're more worried about little things like what if a bunch of people crash and there's not enough food or me I have to walk in 6 inch heels I'm worried about my ankles swelling up and things like that I'm just going to flip them high heels off and go barefooted if they start to swell I'm not going to let that ruin it either and we have a wedding on the beach so I was worried about the weather little bit I'm a worry-wart I just worry worry worry and then of course I have to have an evil person trying to ruin it like every fairytale that you ever hear if something's too perfect there has to be someone they are trying to destroy

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Dear "worry-wart" (I am using this phrase in a teasing way to try and help you get rid of the obsessional thoughts which try to spoil your happiest day - apart from having your child).

You have a lot going on and I do not usually tell people to try and put on hold your worries because this can only make you feel more guilty and worried!

Why do you think people will be coming to your wedding? Do you think it is really the food? Or do you think they want to see you happy?

Tell yourself you are too happy to think about this nonsense and talk and be with those who love you. Tell them when you worry - admit this is happening - and I am certain your family and your future husband will tell you that you have no need to worry!

The character in "Gone with the Wind" use to say that she refuses to think about her worries and "tomorrow is another day!"

With good wishes,



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