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Lung cancer research and support - the One Show

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Hello all

Not sure if anyone saw last night's feature with Robert Peston?

If not it is worth a replay on BBC i player.

It is good to see lung cancer covered on mainstream TV but the statistics on research and late diagnosis are thought provoking.

What more can we as a forum do to raise the profile of lung cancer and encourage more support?



Information & Support team

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Hi Lorraine

Just managed to get it on BBC i player. Well worth listening too, and hopefully the right people were switched on and took note!


Hi Lorraine

I saw the feature, long overdue. Have e-mailed the One Show about the Outreach Programme and volunteering together with the link for the Foundation. Hopefully may get some response.


Hi Lorraine, sorry I didn't get to see it. And I can not get I player as I live in Spain. I think the best thing would be to keep on with the television shows to keep it people's minds. As they do with adverts, plug,plug and plug. Good Luck!

Georgie x

I did see the feature and Phillip Scoffields comment on some cancer charity having a "sexy" image and therefore more likely to have contributions made to it, is I believe all too true. Somehow the public image of lung cancer has to be altered. A more, "this could be your mother Father daughter, or son" approach needs to be adopted by advertising campaigners, obviously with out detracting from the message that smokers should be in no doubt that smoking is increasing their risks beyond that of the odds any bookie would take on board. Not an easy juggling act I know but I do feel, failure to get across the message that if you have a pair of lungs you can get lung cancer, is not being conveyed strongly enough and is being done at the expense of the 10% that get cancer of the lungs by means other than smoking. We should all be in this together. If we can change the public image of lung cancer sufferers we will increase the funding and research money for all lung cancer sufferers together not matter what the initial causative factors were.

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Hi everyone

useful feedback, sorry Georgie that you can't view. As you have said persistence is key as is trying to broaden awareness of the "any lung" approach.

Joe we are looking at how we challenge perceptions and may well do some work on this in advance of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

best to all


It was an excellent piece by Peston. I lost a brother at 38 to LC; fitness fanatic, never smoked, very healthy lifestyle etc. When it might have made a difference, the biggest problem was a GP who simply would not countenance that a non smoker at his age could possibly have LC! Still makes me angry! By time another doctor had a look at him it was too advanced to save him. Until medics shift their perceptions, public awareness raising will be a challenge

I saw an article in the Daily Mail this week in their Medical section that was about Lung Cancer and the fact it is not only smokers who get it. The part that has made me angry is that it claims more people than all the others put together and there is lack of funding for research. This I blame on the misguided thinking that it it smokers own fault when we all know that it is as said in a previous post if you have lungs then you can get lung cancer. I hope the information on the BBC and Daily Mail has changed some minds.

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