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Lung Cancer Patients Who Quit Smoking After Diagnosis Can Double Their Survival Chances

This is the first review of studies to measure the effects of continued smoking after diagnosis of lung cancer and suggests that it would be worthwhile offering smoking cessation treatment to patients with early stage lung cancer. People diagnosed can double their chances of survival over five years if they stop smoking compared with those who continue to smoke, finds a study published online in the British Medical Journal.


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Thanks for sharing this with us Robert.

For those of you who do smoke - Please join us on Quit Support, our stop smoking community and we'll give you all the encouragement and then the advice and support that we can to help you to stop.


Whether you smoke or not, nobody deserves lung cancer.


Hi Robert,

As an ex smoker , and a cancer patient I can tell everyone it was the best thing I did to stop smoking. I had been stopped for approx 6 months before I got diagnosed with lung cancer.

It is now a month ago since I had my right lung removed. I am so glad I didnt have to go through the anguish etc of quitting at the same time as my operation.

Only regret is I didnt quit sooner. However quitsupport.healthunlocked helped me every step of the way.

If your debating on whether to quit or not have a peep at the help you can get on quit support. There isnt anyone forcing or nagging you it is all done on your terms.


Well Jilly, I stopped smoking in 1993 after smoking for 32 years. I stopped on the day I was diagnosed with small cell and have never touched a ciggie since.


Yes Robert its amazing what you can do if your determined. I hope we can encourage others to do the same


Hi Robert

You're sharing spot-on information as usual! I stopped smoking about two years before I was diagnosed. If I hadn't stopped at that time, I very much doubt that I would have here today.

Hope you're doing okay.



Hi Bill

Just finished my chemo and off to speak to my consultant tomorrow to find out what is next.


Good luck there Robert!



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