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Early Detection of Lung Cancer.

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Thought people might be interested to know that I did a radio interview yesterday on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire in conjunction with the National Campaign to raise awareness of the early signs and symptons of lung cancer. We want people to know that if they are worried or have any concerns they should they go to the doctor and talk to them about these concerns, they are there to help. On the back of this interview several local papers have picked it up and run items. The Coventry Telegraph have published an article I wrote. If one person goes to their doctor after hearing the interview or reading the article then it has been worthwhile.

This is such an important campaign and we all should do what we can to raise awareness of thi disease.

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Good stuff Phillipa.

I did an article on the subject some weeks ago and the Daily Record took it up. A photographer was sent out to visit us and took numerous pics. Hasn't appeared in the press yet though. Bill

Thats right Phillipa and good work btw.

the more we can do the better, I think bewtween us we can be a very loud voice! I do belive though that the GP's need educating too, it took 10 months for me to get diagnosed opposed to only 2 weeks when I had skin cancer.

Lyn x

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I agree with you, I was lucky my GP was really on the ball, not all of them are, like you a friend of mine spent 9 months going back to her GP before anything was done.

Anything we can do helps.



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Philippa, you are doing a great job and it is very much appreciated. Good luck with the Respiratory Day event at Jaguar too.

Best regards, Joanna xx

Whilst it is great to see a National Campaign for Lung Cancer I think it is misleading. My husband diagnosed in December Stage 111B (T3N3M0) had NONE of these symptoms. He had a pain in his neck from an enlarged lymph gland and felt otherwise fine, and looked amazing. He died four months later.

Not all symptoms are obvious, my husband was diagnosed 18 months ago and had a 10 cm tumour. His GP treated him for chest infections, never sent him for an x ray. However, he did have a symptom which nobody picked up on until the day he was diagnosed - club fingers. The doctor in A and E were he presented with DVT, picked up on his fingers straight away. They had been like that for at least a year. I wish the awareness campaigns would highlight this more, its so important.

I agree, mine certainly weren't classic. The Awareness campaign is hoping that it will not only raise awareness of the "classic" signs and symptoms of lung cancer but encourage those who may not have any of the these symptoms but are concerned or worried to make an appointment to see their GP.

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