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Patient experience of Bronchoscopy

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We are being asked to submit on behalf of patients on a potential new drug for Bronchoscopy. We therefore need to hear about patients experiences of Bronchoscopy, good or bad. How comfortable were you during the procedure? how quickly did you recover, were you uncomfortable for some time after? etc.

You can either comment below or Private message myself or the Lungcancerhelp team. we do not need any personal details. Or you can phone the Roy Castle Ask the nurse service on 0800 358 7200

8 Replies
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I had an EBUS procedure at Royal Papworth on 9th March 2022. The conscious sedation worked well and I was unaware of the process for most of the time. On one occasion when I surfaced a little, I tried very hard to remove the rigid mouth piece, which felt uncomfortable.

My recovery in the day unit was swift and I went home later the same day. My chest however was very sore - it felt liked I had been kicked by a horse. The pain reduced with paracetamol over the next few days, and coughing was particularly painful.

The biopsy was successful in that sufficient samples were recovered from the lymph nodes for testing. it felt as if the discomfort I experienced had been worth it.

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NicF4Partner in reply to Major

Hi Major

That is really helpful, thank you for taking the time to respond. The request came in yesterday, so I am in the early stages of looking into it. If I have any further questions may I direct message you?

Thanks again


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Major in reply to NicF4

Happy to provide more info if needed.

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Hope2782 in reply to Major

Hi Major I am a week behind you at Papworth hope alls going well.BW


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Major in reply to Hope2782

Good to hear from you Hope. Final diagnosis was non small cell lung cancer, adenocarcinoma that is EGFR +. I started taking a targeted therapy drug 10 days ago. Scan in 3 months to check for progression. Not a journey I was expecting to take!Hope all is well with you too.

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Hi There like major I had a bronchoscopy and EBUS @Papworth on 15/03 which I was dreading. Whilst it was not pleasant it was OK sedation wore off towards the end and I could see the screen funny seeing inside your own lung. Found it difficult towards the end trying not to gag or cough. Post procedure recovery with O2 on the day ward left me coughing for a while but after about an hour it was OK. All in all Whilst I hope not to have to have another one, I wouldn’t worry so much next time. My cough improved after the procedure and like major they managed to collect enough brushings to confirm lymph node status. KR


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Bronchoscopy and EBUS procedures were the first investigations I had following the CT scans and PET scans. I felt no pain, just slight discomfort, no pain or discomfort after, just coughing up small amounts of blood for a few hours. You are sedated slightly so a little drowsy. You don't go home straight away but I wasn't in a full day. Being nervous beforehand was worse. Doctors and Nurses so comforting and reassuring

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My comments may be irrelevant seeing that my bronchoscopy was over 33 years ago. I had two the first awake and the second asleep. I remember I was mildly sedated the procedure was through my nose. The doctor gave a running comment throughout the procedure. I remember i was supported by two nurses who helped me throughout, It was very uncomfortable. My right lung was perfect but my left showed some inflammation which turned out to be cancer. After it was over I struggled to try and stay awake to see my family at visiting time. The biopsy taken was mistakenly considered to be more aggressive than it was. Hope this helps. Im still here!!!

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