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Lung cancer and depression and anxiety

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Is depression particularly linked to lung cancer, over and above the obvious cause of having a life limiting/ threatening condition ?

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Dear Lostempires

Welcome to the forum where you will find support and encouragement.

Depression is not linked to lung cancer, however there are some theories that chronic depression may be linked to some hormonal cancers, however studies have shown that there is no connection between depression and e.g breast cancer, but may be a factor for cervical or possibly prostate cancer, you may find this article of interest:

There are some other articles on looking at depression and if it could possibly be a risk factor, where the stress hormones affect the immune system:

It is well known that having a positive attitude can aid in any recovery from surgery and for some during cancer treatment.

Depression, as you say can certainly be present or increased with a diagnosis of cancer which is not uncommon.

You may find this link from Cancer Research UK useful on depression during cancer:

If you are looking for support and not sure where to start, this guide from Macmillan Support may be of help:

For anyone looking for helpline support during depression, the NHS has a list of providers:

If there is anything you would like to discuss you can either email us at or call our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Definitely it is l have felt so down the last 6 moths, it’s a very scary time.Hope you’re too down thinking about you xx Zac

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Lostempires in reply to Zac2018

Thank you for that Zac. Winter blues and COVID without end don’t exactly help either. Today is the longest night, so things slowly get better on that depression front starting now !

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Zac2018 in reply to Zac2018

My spelling is terrible, l mean l hope you’re not too drown, yes winter is a drain on the mental health x

I found the book 'cancer is a word not a sentence' by Dr Rob Buckman helped me from picking up on every twinge/cough being related to my initial diagnosis in Jan 2011 and my surgeon had said when I asked him what might help when he said he couldn't recommend any specific diet or supplements that a positive attitude helped and that my recovery was up to me - if I was more active the remaining lung would redevelop but if I sat or lay around it wouldn't - keeping active even walking is evidenced to help any mental health issues. My swimming has been as much a physical as mental therapy for me - hope you can find a way to get on with life with or beyond a diagnosis and treatment. good luck.

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Hello Lostempires & Zac,

If you are struggling with mood and depression our Nurse has highlighted some imporant sources of support. You can also speak to your clinicians as some people find that drugs do help with sleep and mood changes.

For some people sharing the experience with friends and family can be difficult. Acknowledging how you are feeling is not always easy. You might find this forum a good place to talk through your worries and concerns. We also have some digital and phone support that can be a good way of sharing and learning coping strategies from others. For more information contact our helpline or email

I hope you can talk to someone and find ways of managing, we are here to help,


Lorraine @Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

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Magsx123x in reply to LorraineD

I’m new here but totally stressed since lung cancer diagnosis . Had surgery on both lungs in past year one in feb on left lung one in September on right lung but suffering sleep starvation ever since . Any one have that problem

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