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Scan following my self imposed "holiday" from Chemo

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Had a scan 2 weeks ago and got he results Tuesday. After missing 3 rounds of Pemetrexed chemo (but still receiving pemulizimab immuno) my lung tumour is static but one of the affected lymph nodes in my chest (the only other involvement) has grown - so I've been advised to go back onto the chemo. They are going to give me a half dose and see how I get on. I don't know why I moan about the chemo as it seems that, apart from nausea and feeling knackered for 4-5 days, I don't have any of the troublesome side effects that other people seem to have to put up with. I get a bit frustrated at not being able to be my normal active self and as I've started back on Parkrun, don't like to miss out on that or my little walk/jog training. I must point out - I don't exactly run - jog/walk and doing more jog than walk now and times improving - although nothing like what they were before. Still it's an achievement and my husband is very proud of me! I've also started swimming once a week and have just got back from a great week in Jersey - recommended; like going abroad without going abroad! Hope everyone is keeping positive; it's a real pain having to go through everything but there are so many treatments out there and more coming on all the time now that the dreaded covid seems to be improving. Chins up!!🙃 Mags xx

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Well Mags sorry to hear about your scan results but your right get back on it. We all know how awful having cancer never mind the treatment. But if it's going to give us more time 🙂 hopefully the treatment us worth it. I know how you feel I am so frustrated not being able to do the things I used to do but hope that will change when treatment finishes. So glad you got a week away to Jersey so jealous though we got a week away to Swanage only up the road but the change was uplifting hope you felt the same. 🤗🤗xx

Unfortunately, my chemo is going to be ongoing - I hope they come up with something else in the meantime. I've already had 15 rounds and that was why I thought I'd have a bit of a break. I don't regret it though; the rest of my body has had a chance to recover from the chemo before here we go again!

Hi Mags sorry didn't realise that 🤞 your oncologist can find a new trial for you and really understand you havng a break stay safe ❤❤

Glad you enjoyed Jersey - also been recently for the first time - a welcome break. I swam regularly pre diagnosis and took it up again after my lung surgery to raise funds for charity in memory of a dear friend but it improved my lung function no end and I went onto swim much further than I ever had pre treatment despite endurance swimming for years. Keep up the park run - it doesn't matter how you get around - just being active is good for you physically and mentally. it took me a while to adjust to not being the me I was used to but over the years got into a 'new me' space.... great positive attitude you have - I'm still grateful for every day and have seen treatments availability increase considerably since my diagnosis - keep your chin up.... good luck.

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