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Concorde Trial

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Just wondering anybody on the Concorde trial ?

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Hi MaryNo haven't heard of this. Would love to hear how you get on. Do you know yet which arm you're going into?

Sarah x

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Ollie13 in reply to sassassas

Found this if it helps

Study participants

The CONCORDE study will enrol participants across the country with stage 3 NSCLC who are not suitable for surgery or concurrent chemoradiotherapy (chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment together).

University of Leeds is the sponsor for the trial and will be responsible for the trial methodology, collection of data and analysis, whist overseeing all the sites involved.

Sarah Brown, Director of Early Phase Trials in the Cancer Division at the Clinical Trials Research Unit, University of Leeds, said: “After such a long time in the planning, we are excited to have signed the agreements with AstraZeneca - and we will shortly start recruiting patients into the trial.

"This study brings together Cancer Research UK, the Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group, academics, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry to address areas of need in lung cancer and radiotherapy research with the aim of slowing the way the disease spreads and improving survival.”

Professsor David Sebag-Montefiore, Clinical Director at the Clinical Trials Research Unit in Leeds, added: “CONCORDE is a world leading clinical trial that combines our excellence in clinical trials and radiotherapy research to offer exciting new treatment approaches for patients with lung cancer.

“Its smart design means that we can study the benefit of a range of new treatments that target the tumour DNA and that can be combined with radiotherapy to more effectively treat lung cancer.”

Dr Alastair Greystoke added: “Many trials across the country were paused at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, many of these trials are getting back up and running, and it’s great to be able to get this new trial off the ground after four years work. The first patients will be enrolled before the end of the year.”

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Marymaryd in reply to Ollie13

Hello how are you? I’ve not been for a while. X

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Ollie13 in reply to Marymaryd

Hi hope this new trial will help you on this journey do keep in touch and tell all let us know how it all goes 🤞 my thoughts are with you ❤❤

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Hello I’m on arm A. Things ok 3rd week will keep you up to date x

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Thanks Mary and thanks for getting involved. This may be helpful to many of us down the line.

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Just waiting for radiotherapy now x

This is on the Cancer Research UK website

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Marymaryd in reply to Bow-19

Thank you I’ll have a read xx