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Chemotherapy Cycle 3 Week 2 & 3

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I can't believe this cycle is nearly over and tomorrow I start my last cycle for the moment. Week 2 carried on with the thrush for a bit longer than usual. I also found the Nystan the oncology nurse gave me to help with the oral thrush has started to make me feel nauseous but I persevered. These past 2 weeks I've been plagued with afternoon headaches but thankfully paracetamol helped. I've had a couple of falls not sure why maybe blood pressure. I had my blood retested on week 1 and I was told I need to have a depo injection Eprex weekly for 3 weeks to boost red cells 🤞. I've also spoke to my counsellor and I've found it helpful talking through my deepest thoughts regarding my cancer and my life. It's good to talk to someone please do if you feel you need to. Hopefully my positive thoughts will return 🙏. Tomorrow I am having a chest x ray before my treatment as my breathing has got harder the more chemotherapy I've been getting again 🤞. I do hope I'm helping someone with my journey so before you start yours you will have some idea of what lies ahead. Remember though everyone is different and reacts differently to medication/treatments. Take care everyone.

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HI Ollie13 Lovely to hear from you, as always. Your posts are definitely helpful to the community and you've been contributing so much.

Sarah x

Hi Ollie13 I'm so pleased that this round of treatment is almost over for you. As you say we're all different and react differently to medication. My mental health was challenging for awhile crying all the time grieving for my previous life I think. I had a chat with my gp who put me on antidepressants they are just kicking in. My way of thinking now is we are all dying from the day we're born so I'm living every day to fullest as long as my fatigue allows and there is always hope for future treatments one day soon I'm sure they will find a cure, look how far the scientists have come in the last five years. Thank you for sharing your journey, I hope the side affects clear pretty quickly and your results are amazing. Look after yourself and keep posting xxx Bebe

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Ollie13 in reply to Bebe55

Hi Bebe55 lovely to gear from you. I love your outlook to cancer great way to look at it hopefully I will get to that same place soon. Stay safe look after yourself 🤗🤗 xx

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Dear Ollie13,

This record of your treatment journey will be a great help to many others who are on a similar path, hearing first hand what you personally are going through makes it less of a leap into the dark. Thank you once again for sharing this personal experience with us. Hopefully the next treatment goes well, with limited side effects take care

Best Wishes

Roy Castle support Team

Hi Ollie your an inspiration to all of us thank you xxxx

Hi my 3rd round too. Breathing worse than before it does say it can be a side effect. Keep posting it does help to see someone else’s path.Sending hope

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