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triple negative breast cancer

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I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and after a year of treatment followed by 6 monthly checks I was discharged. About 3 months ago I felt a tenderness in my right breast and when I undressed I noticed a red area (about 1” diameter) to the side of my nipple and one of the spots surrounding the nipple was filled with a white fluid. This disappeared following a shower and the red area gradually disappeared over the next few days. Dunno what to do. Waiting for doctor to respond.

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Hi ChinviI'm sorry to hear about your experience.

Your post has been linked to the lung cancer forum so you may need to review your settings and change them to breast cancer.

Best wishes to you,


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Hello chinvi,

You have posted this in a lung cancer page, below I have added links to breast cancer pages where I am sure you will receive support

Kind Regards

Helpline Team

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