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Still smoking? But you need to quit. Many cancer patients still smoke or need help to quit smoking . So why not join millions of people and quit this October.

Stoptober is a nationwide service where the N.H.S. provide help and support.

Just type in Stoptober and you will soon see what help there is available.

The Roy Castle Lung Foundation also have their own quit smoking service which is available all year round Quit Support. Nearly 15000 members have been helped and supported through this forum. There is no pressure , patronising, deadlines , and help is there for you if relapse. The forum is run by ex smokers who understand how hard it can be to quit this addiction.

we are here to help. :)

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Thank you for not making it in November, which is lung cancer awareness month. It’s important to remember that tobacco is a major factor in heart disease which kills more people than lung cancer. Yes, it is a major factor in lung cancer but 40% of those who develop lung cancer either quit more than 15 years ago or never smoked at all.

Quitting if you have lung by cancer increases the efficacy of the treatment and people who quit tend to have longer progression free survival (PFS).

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jillygirl in reply to Denzie

Thanks for the reply, I myself had lung cancer 1 year after quitting smoking , then 2 years after my lung cancer I had a heart attack so Yes it does effect the heart too, This is why I try and help others quit.

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Denzie in reply to jillygirl

You are awesome! Please keep up your advocacy. It will save lives.

I will carry on . No worries. We have almost 15000 members now. So we must have helped 75% if not more of them to quit. :) xx

Wow, that's really amazing jillygirl. Good for you.

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jillygirl in reply to sassassas

Thank you. :)

Yes , one with lung cancer should stop smoking as soon as possible.

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