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Anyone here been on tecentriq (atezo) and avastin (bev) for long?

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I've not read much in the forum about these two drugs, mostly it seems people are getting pembro. Would love to know how people are getting on if you've been on these two for a long time.

How long have you been on it? Any on-going side effects? Have you stopped it?

I know the immunos can sometimes have a long-term effect after you've stopped taking it and would love to hear everyone's experience. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sass, I'm starting Tecentriq on 6/10 for SCLC at Christie's, my consultant said side effects are minimal, it is very new, only given the go ahead in 2019. Its a long term immunotherapy, others are 2 year maximum, this one you can stay on it long term, the results are quite amazing. Best wishes Pam

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sassassas in reply to Loimie

HI Loimie that's great to hear and brilliant that you've got a good treatment option so quickly. I didn't know Tecentriq was authorised for use beyond the 2 years.

Yes, our experience is very good from a side-effect point of view, very different from chemo. Really very few issues and even those he does have are difficult to say are definitely caused by the drugs.

Hope it goes well next week.


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Loimie in reply to sassassas

Hi Sarah, I'm hoping it goes well, cancer is a terrible thing isn't it. It invades every part of your life doesn't it, from sleep, feeling down, appetite, I'm sure your partner is the same. Sometimes I think it's a bad dream and I'll wake up! I was so relieved I could have immunotherapy, my consultant said my markers were exceptionally high so should get a good response, and I won't lose my hair!! It's nice to talk on here isn't it, family's good but sometimes I keep repeating things I've said to my husband, and sometimes I can tell he's annoyed. Best wishes Sarah and hope all goes well. Pam x

I do feel as such when I read what so many go through. I takes so much courage, but I suppose I would do the same. We get through some how dont we? There are a few trusted sources that I have used and can be useful for you- try ,, and

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