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Chemotherapy Cycle 2 week 1

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Hi just a reminder that everyone's Chemo is different everyone will react differently to their chemo drug but this is my journey and I want to share so others may get an idea of what it's like. You may have a rough time you may not.

Cycle 2 week 1 well the positive of this is the steroids they give you for a few days gives my psoriatic arthritis a big rest I'm pain free usually for 12-14 days. The first few days were okay then I felt that I had been hit by a bus. I ended up in bed for a day and the thrush in my mouth/ throat kicked in. Thankfully the oncologist nurse gave me medication x4 which looks like I'll be getting it every cycle. I read somewhere that each cycle gets harder but I pray this is not the case. I also noticed that that terrible taste in my mouth was back yuk!!!! Getting to the end of this first week I remain tired but not too bad I managed to take my dog out for a short walk and the fresh air was fantastic.

I also had my first counselling session which I felt good about it was nice to speak to someone about all this who doesn't know me or would sit in judgement.

Good luck to everyone else on this strange journey remember it's best not to make any plans till you see how things go with you. xx

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Any suggestions on what to take to chemo with you I start my very first next week and have no idea what to take x

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Hi Viv29 may I wish you well on your journey. I took my Ipod and kindle as no one is allowed in with you 😪. It helped pass the time at the Jigsaw in RBH a tea lady comes round with cake biscuits etc. You also get a jug of water to encourage you to drink during therapy. I did a lunch session and we got sandwiches and yogurt but every hospital is different. Good luck let me know how it goes please xx

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Thank you I saw a post once where this person took everything except kitchen sink and I was like what the heck but will take the iPad and phone for starters thanks foe the reply good luck xx

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