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Thank you


Thanks for all your support. My friend lost his battle today. It’s been so quick, less than 2 weeks from diagnosis and he is gone. I can’t believe it. His wife is in such a state and I don’t know what to do for her. I can only just be here for her and hope that’s enough. 😞

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So sorry to read this. So cruel and unfair. X

Aw I’m sorry to hear this xxx

So very sorry to hear this sad news. Its a very cruel disease my husband is currently battling advanced lung sad

So very sorry. This is such a cruel disease and that was very quick from being diagnosed, take small comfort that your friend is free from pain and all that this disease brings.You being there for his wife will help her through her heartache.

Sending love and big hugs to you, his wife and family xxx


So sorry for your loss and so heartbreaking for you all.

The Loss Foundation provide support specifically for those who have lost loved ones to cancer: 0300 200 4112

Our deepest condolences

The Roy Castle Support Team

So sorry to read this news - deepest condolences to you and his wife... hope you can find the support you need at this really difficult time.

I am very sorry to read this and hope that all concerned can find some comfort and support during this challenging time.

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