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My dad


Sad to have to say my dad passed away on the 19th December. A short 12 weeks after being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

The cancer was too advanced for him to receive any treatment that would have been of any real benefit, and he died at home peacefully, thanks to the wonderful support we received from the MacMillan and District Nursing Teams.

RIP dad.

Love you lots 😢💗😢

Sending love to you all and thinking of you


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So very sorry to hear about your dad. It's such a dreadfully sad and difficult time. My dad died in the summer and it all still feels very surreal / too real all at the same time. I cant wait for christmas to be over. Sending best wishes to you all and my messages are open if you ever want to chat xx

Thank you. 💕It still feels surreal 😢

Sorry for your loss. What a fabulous photo of you both. Virtual hug❤️

KittySp in reply to 448690


Im so sorry xx



Hi ,We at the Roy Castle Support Helpline are very sorry to hear your sad news. You should take comfort from the fact that your dad died peacefully in his own home and was well supported by his family and the community nursing team. Please accept our sincere condolences.

Kind regards,

All the support team at the Roy Castle helpline


So very sorry to hear this sad news. Hope your lovely memories of your Dad and the knowledge that he died peacefully at home bring you comfort in the days ahead.. Please accept my sincere condolences. ❤️xx

KittySp in reply to Manninmaid


Oh I’m sorry. What an awfully sad time. You clearly had a lot of fun with your dad. Please take care of yourself. X


So very sorry to read this Love to you all


Thank you x

I’m so very sorry to hear your sad news Kitty ❤️ What a beautiful photo of you and your dad. Keep his memory alive by talking about him often. Thinking of you and your family and sending lots of love and big hugs xxx

KittySp in reply to simlut

Thank you.It’s been a horrendous few weeks and it still feels unreal. Such a quick decline in his health - nine weeks from cancer diagnosis to passing. I hope he was comfortable - I did my best.

Love to you and your dad xxx

simlut in reply to KittySp

Thank you ❤️Your dad knows you did your best and was his biggest support ❤️I’m so scared if I take a moment to just think what’s happening with my dad. Nothing will ever be the same and it’s heartbreaking.

Sending you love and big hugs xxx

So very sorry to hear your sad news. He looked an amazing fun Dad. Remember all the good times, be kind to yourself. Sending you a big virtual hug xxxx

KittySp in reply to KT22

Thank you x

So sorry to hear this especially at this time of year, God may call our loved ones away, but not even he can take Away the memories of your beloved dad they will remain in your heart forever, stay strong and look after yourself, thoughts are with you.

KittySp in reply to classic4


so sorry to read this sad news - always a difficult time but this year with covid and at Xmas, my heart goes out to you. what a fabulous picture - keep the memories alive and he will live on in your heart... thinking of you...

KittySp in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you x

Kitty so sorry to hear this news. My thoughts are with you. What a lovely happy picture ❤❤ xx

KittySp in reply to Ollie13


Thinking of you say such a big diagnosis and rapid decline is so hard to take in. Your love carries on and slowly adjusts. Go gently x

So sorry for your loss 🙏

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