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Keytruda and radiotherapy experiences?

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Hi all,

My partner had her latest CT scan results today, it showed a slight increase in the tumour in her left lung. This being after a massive decrease in its size shown in her last scan 3 months ago. She's going to continue with Keytruda but is now going to have radiotherapy with it, starting in January.

We're now waiting to hear from the consultant radio oncologist as to what the next steps, I'm presuming it will involve radio ablation of the tumour.

Has anyone got any comments/experience regarding the use of radiotherapy & Keytruda?



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Hi I have just completed 5 session of SABR , every other day, each session was about 30 minutes. (been on Keytruda only 1 year). As they’ve moved me to 6 weekly infusions didn’t have to miss one. So far side effects have been ok - tiredness and some pain in the area but manageable. Will have X-ray and follow up appt in 6 weeks. Been told up to 3 months before we know how well worked but it does have high success rate. Best of luck

to your partner x.

I had six weeks of radiotherapy

10 minute zaps the first one takes a bit longer as they need to place you properly.

As the treatment goes on depending on where her tumour is mine was near the windpipe so I had trouble swallowing and it felt sore but they give you stuff to take before food. And oramorph if she needs it x

I was on cistplatin and vinoralbine four rounds of that with top ups of vinoralbine the week after with 30 radio sessions I didn’t do too bad tbh.

Dear Gary

Sorry to hear about your partner's change in scan and hope she has been feeling well on the Keytruda, there have been encouraging responses from Elt79 and Kalilou on your question.

This link below will take you to the information booklet we have on Radiotherapy which you may find of use:

All our general information, news updates, campaigns and inspiring stories can be found on our website:

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our Freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thanks everyone, I feel confident that this new treatment will have even more positive results. My understanding is that the tumour will be ablated by the radiotherapy and then with the aid of Keytruda, it will cause the dead cancer cell antigens to boost her immune system and further attack the tumours.

Best wishes


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