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Travel Insurance with the Post Office

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Hi All

I have no idea what the premiums would be or what, if any, limitations applied on the policy terms, but for UK residents, the Post Office offers travel insurance and say it covers ANY pre existing and/or critical illness. Just thought with all the comments I have seen recently, if anybody is looking it might be worth a go.

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Thank you for this. I have tried over 10 health travel insurances with my situation and apart from a couple of silly prices all of gem them declined me. I will try them next.

Best wishes


You are very welcome. Let me know how you get on as it would be interesting to know if they practice what they preach. Thank you :-)

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Gillo22 in reply to hedgehoggy

Another one you could try is JS Travel Insurance in Hove Tel no: 01273 773017. My father and sister managed to get insurance for a reasonable amount.

Insurance With is a good one to try, I got cover for £65 single trip, my cancer is terminal but dormant, you normally need 3 months between treatment and travel for them to insure you.

good luck

Dave 😊👍❤

Hi SunshineAhead

The Post Office, on their travel insurance website states that 'All medical conditions considered' rather than covered, then details that this ranges from heart disease to diabetes. For any cancer conditions they advise that you call them to discuss a quote.

Our Travel booklet provides a list of some insurance providers that have been recommended visitors and supporters of our site: page 32.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thanks to everybody that replied. Thanks admin for correcting accurately. To be honest I didn't visit the website - there was a huge sign in our local post office so clearly that was misleading (I have pointed this out to them and it's been "revised" lol).

I've been surprised by those who've advised they get cover for such small amounts - as I doubt they would have cover in the event they claimed. In the last few years I've booked travel insurance via airlines (additional to specific cover for my condition) and when I've read the small print, I doubt that anyone would be able to claim for any medical condition as the exclusion conditions are so general, most of the population would be exempt - for example, have you seen any medical doctor within the last 3 months/(sometimes 6 or 12 months), are you on any prescription medicines? have you visited a hospital as an outpatient within the last year? Really important to check the detail - we wouldn't get in a car without adequate insurance yet some are willing to risk to the other side of the world with expensive healthcare systems that want payment before even looking at a patient. One of my friends' dads had a property in Florida and they'd been going there for years believing they had healthcare cover. He had a stroke whilst there and the entire family had to max out their credit cards to cover his treatment and argue with the insurance company afterwards who refused him future cover. As he and his wife had more travel arranged including a caribbean cruise, they went with either Insurewith or Insurance with, unsure which and although expensive, the cost of cancelling the trip wasn't worth it. In the end, he had heart failure on the plain on the second trip and a nurse passenger saved his life. I know other people who've travelled to India to visit family (without insurance), a member of the family was killed in a road traffic accident and they had to remortgage their home to pay for the cost of repatriation of the body for the funeral. As we're so used to free healthcare (even if not always in the timeframe we'd like), the cost of medical procedures, anaesthetists, physio/rehab, nursing care etc can mount up considerably. Better to check the details before you go. There are companies who cover - and as we all know there can be big differences between different types of cancer so with over 200 types, saying 'cancer considered', really worth discussing your own details to get appropriate cover. Good luck.

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