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Metastatic Lung Cancer.

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Two years ago I was diagnosed with Metastatic Lung Cancer (original site: oral) but, to date, I have shown no physical deterioration. Anyone else in a similar position ? The uncertainty is driving me crazy. The Consultants have advised me that it will "attack" eventually. It's the waiting and not knowing that I am having huge difficulty with.

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I had shadow on lung near old tb scar. All my tests including pet scan and bronchoscopy where they did lung wash and collected cells and lymph nodes showed no sign of cancer. Eventually i was refered to surgeon as he though it could be very early cancer. I have now had half my lung removed and also old tb scar on 20th aug. I am still recovering. I go back for all results on 18th sept. They have sent the removed part away for testing, so very soon i should get answers as this has been driving me mad sinse feb this year when this shadow appeared. Fingers crossed. Hope you will be ok..

Mine was also sent away after my surgery and I had to wait almost a month (Xmas/New year hols in between) to receive the diagnosis. Keeping fingers crossed for you and others waiting for test results.

Thank you, next tuesday i will get my results.x

Good Luck , for next Tuesday! I have my first chemo treatment next Tuesday, Yay!

How long have you waited for your chemo from your operation datex

Colin just to let you know got my results and it is not cancer it started as infection and changed to inflammation and the only way to be sure was to remove shadow and old tb scar so ive lost half a lung but im so relieved.. Hope all goes well for you which im sure it willxx

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Thank god

Dear DenisC

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your worry with the lung metastasis that you have.

I have placed a link here from cancer research UK that you may find useful:

Perhaps discuss this with your GP/Specialist, assuming you have follow up appointments, if not request an appointment. However you are entitled to a second opinion within the NHS. More information on what to expect may relieve the worry you have on this. This can be requested by the GP. You should also have a lung cancer specialist nurse, who can provide lots of information on this, if not this can again be requested by your GP/Specialist.

You have written that the Consultant says it will 'attack eventually', have you had treatment for this already or have they decided to monitor it closely?

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hi, You have all of my sympathy after lung surgery for lung cancer in 2015 ,I was sort of getting on with my life ,but I was forever thinking it would come back and it did in 2017.I now wish I could have turned off the worry button and enjoyed the things I did during the time in between . It is easier said than done but try and find a way put the worry aside until you need to worry ,I think it is sometimes better not to know anything in this instance ignorance is bliss ,I have recovered well since my last visit by cancer and strangely I feel quite hopeful for my future and less anxious about its return. Good luck and please put aside thoughts of cancer for the moment .Plan some good holidays or challenges ,do yoga or meditation .Take care Diane

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Good advice - distraction is a great technique - lose yourself in an activity or helping others if you can - good for the mind not to spend all your time focusing on 'what might be' and missing the 'what actually is right now' in the meantime. good luck.

I had half my left lung removed and a 7cm tumour in Dec 2010 that had not spread beyond my lung (lucky for me) and was told my treatment was 'vigilance - otherwise known as 'watchful waiting or active vigilance' - like many others, I worried that each cough, sniffle, ache and pain was that 'clue' that might be missed that it had returned - some were serious enough for me to be hospitalised several times and so far,....... so good (despite other things).

I found a book really helpful in getting my head around this - and understanding how our bodies age/pick up conditions all the time and not everything is related (although our brains always want to make patterns of anything we do) . The book is called 'cancer is a word not a sentence' by Dr Rob Buckman and explains in plain English what is going on. I'm frequently disappointed at the 'cavalier approach to communication' some people use without thinking of its impact on patients and their families. They don't know whose cancer might develop, or whose will recur with accuracy. It's the same when people say their doctor has given them a precise number of week's or months. None of us is a statistic - there will always be variations and exceptions and new treatments and treatment combinations are being discovered and researched all the time. Hope the book and response help. good luck.

Hi I had a lobectomy 8 weeks ago ct scan and pet scan indicated cancer and a biopsy couldnt be done so I had top right lobectomy after surgery results show TB not cancer I'm very lucky could be the same for you

Sorry I've replied to the wrong post in error

So glad that you haven't deteriorated. It's really difficult when they say things that don't seem to make sense. I hope you can find things you really enjoy and that have meaning for you. Perhaps you will continue to be well for years more. I hope so.

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