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ALK positive new treatment approved in UK

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I have just seen this link on another website. Alectinib can be accessed in the U.K. Good news

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Yes, great news. Steve's Prof was telling us this last week! Hope you're doing well and still on crizotinib. It will be 2 years on 23rd September when Steve first started crizotinib! Still keeping things stable. How time flies. It's five and a half years now since his diagnosis. Best wishes to you.


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Bow-19 in reply to nannyjanny

That's great news. 5.5 years is brilliant. I have been on crizotinib since May 2015 and it's keeping things stable too. I will be 4 years since diagnosis on 5th November.

Best wishes to you both too

Sally x

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nannyjanny in reply to Bow-19

Pleased to hear that things are going well for you too Sally. X

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Lifesab in reply to nannyjanny

Hello Jan. Great to hear that Steve is doing well. I'm still going strong on Crizotinib. It's now over 3 years since I've been on this drug and nearly 6 years from when I was first diagnosed. My consultant keeps me up to date with all the new developments but as long as Crizotinib continues to be effective I'll be staying put.

Best wishes to you and Steve. Have a great Christmas and a healthy new year.


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Bow-19 in reply to Lifesab

That’s great news. I have been on crizotinib since April 2015 and my Consultant says the same too to stay on it whilst it’s still working. Good that there are new developments too though.

Wishing you all the best x

Great news

Dear Bow-19

Yes, this is great news that Alecitinib can be accessed on the Early Medicine Access Scheme. All the best to everyone to whom it may help.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

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