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Anyone women had hormone changes?

I've got my biopsy tomorrow so not long now bwfore i find out what tupe and extent on my lung cancer.

However, even more scared now as even though I've been through menopause, I've started a period. I'll tell my Consultant but have any other women experienced the same?

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Hi I think stress of the unknown will bring this on ,the first day of chemo I had one too post surgery etc .not had one since though(2yrs ago) .Our hormones are closely related to our very soul I believe, good luck with your results hope for the best possible outcome .


If you are more than 12 months post menopause (ie your last period was 12 months ago or more) you'll need to get it fully checked out. I work as a gp and we'd call it a post menopausal bleed. May well be stress related but definitely needs checking out. Strangely my whole journey started when I thought I'd had a post menopausal bleed (I went through the change aged 37 after treatment for cervical cancer) and it ended up being nothing but one of the scans picked up the mass in the bottom of my lung. Best of luck with the biopsy x

Hi Val, Jules here.

I know its can be caused by something traumatic happening to the body - same thing happened to me after a nasty road traffic injury.

Hope everything is ok - good luck with your biopsy, i know how mum and me were feeling before her biopsy.


Good luck

definitely a good idea to speak to your consultant tomorrow, how long since you went through the menopause sometimes you do get random periods I think. I would also do a urine sample for the docs, they may want to rule out a urine infection. I have gone through the menopause and had one random period but only very light. Good luck tomorrow xx

Dear Val

Welcome to the forum where as you can see you will find lots of support and information

Stress can certainly do odd things to us but as jackie46 has advised, it would be good to get everything checked out.

Good luck with the biopsy result. If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

We also have lots of useful information on our website

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

I had the opposite Valpayne - during a suspected recurrence of my LC, I had a bronchoscopy and from that day forward I didn't have a period at all and no other menopausal symptoms. That was several years ago. Often with menopause, women experience intermittent periods rather than a sudden stop - one thing I've found is that there is so little information out there about menopause generally (apart from HRT/night sweats) and one issue is that women experience increased breathlessness/lack of lung capacity as a result which has recently been evidenced in a research study. Worth telling your consultant but I'm sure a quick check with a nurse or call to your gynae department would hopefully confirm that this is probably unrelated to the chemo and just part of your body responding to hormonal changes.

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