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Why I’m participating in the next cancer voices summit

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Were you aware that the original 2020 Federal Budget cut out funding for lung cancer search?

A concerted effort by patients, families, clinicians, advocates and lung cancer foundations got lung cancer specific funding restored.

That’s important because lung cancer is the most frequent cause of cancer deaths. And lung cancer deaths in nonsmokers is the second leading cause of cancer deaths. The Go2 Foundation has established a program that trains ordinary people to talk to their congressional representatives.

In the past participants had to travel to DC for this training. Travel grants were available for some participants but many went at their own expense. Obviously, Covid-19 has rendered that impossible this year so Go2 has set up appointments for individuals to meet virtually with their Representatives. They’ll help you with talking points but your personal experience with lung cancer will have the most impact on the people you lobby.

This is a valuable education you’ll be able to use for other causes you value and it’s free. Please join me.


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I’ll be joining you!

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DenzieModerator in reply to PegD

Peg! So glad to read this. I wish it could be in person but I’ll take what I can get.

Denzie... I'm "going" too!

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DenzieModerator in reply to VerdeAzul

So glad to read that! I look forward to working “with” you. I’m getting excited.


I’ll join you. I registered. Will assume an email will give me details.


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DenzieModerator in reply to rdflynnjr

Yes. Thank you for registering. It’s great that you’re making this kind of commitment!

Thank you Denzie. I have found GO2 to be a great help to me.

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DenzieModerator in reply to sassykitty

Thank you, Sassykitty! They were helpful to me, too! Especially the Lung Cancer Living Room. Have you seen them on YouTube or Facebook?

Thank you. I have been following on FB and did not know about youtube. I have just subscribed to youtube. Have a blessed day!

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