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I am watching my two cats oreo and jojo play. its really funny and it put a smile on my face. you have to find something during your day that will put a smile on your face. even if its just a few minutes. i did,nt mean smile all the time i meant try to at least once a day smile a little or a lot. if you need something to smile about i,m here i,ll try to get you to smile. Theres alot of little things that can put a smile on your face.Like your husband children animals if you have any. smile and have a happy day,oh and good morning. love susiejo1948

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Susiejo, Good Morning. You are right, we need to find something to smile about (or something that makes us laugh) every day.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.


Katherine, Good morning to you. Had apretty decent day still alot of pain. but i did something to my partner and i have been laughing off and on since yesterday. i went in the computer room and hid i knew he was on his way he walked in i jumped out and he jumped a mile, he didn,t think it was funny at first. he started laughing i was laughing so hard i had tears running down cheeks. Every time i think of it i laugh. i still have a silly smile on my face. that smiles good for a couple of days. how about you have you been smiling did i get a smile out of you . it felt good to let go and laugh hope you have some laughter or a smile today. love susie

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Susiejo, it really is important to find something to smile about. Each time we smile and goggle hormones are released that make us feel better. Did you know that a 7 second hug releases Oxytocin (spelling ?, but not the opioid Oxycontin) which is a hormone that puts us on a natural high? Laughing also helps rewire our brains to think more happily !!



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