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Lung Cancer Support
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I have seen alot of answers from administrators acounts. Do these people have lung cancer. Or just telling you what there opinion of what they think. They always give encouragement which is helpful but have they walked in the shoes. No disrespect intended but i also wonder do you get advice from Health care providers or are you more like heathcare counseling

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If everyone had cancer who would carry torch.

As to me i have immunity issues and twice i have been told ihad lung cancer and tumours BUT am lucky as resolved its self and turned into granulomas lung tissue.

How why i dont know but as left me with new infections every week and chronic lung dieases


The administrators work for Free to Breathe, which is a 4-star rated 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to supporting lung cancer patients/survivors and funding research. Have they walked the walk? Don't know, they don't bring their personal stories to the site, they are staff and accessible either here or on the phone to help people who are walking the walk. They also seem to be very well informed.



I'm not sure where the Admins come from, or what their own experience is with lung cancer or any other medical issues. But that hardly seems to be the point of the forums they are helping to maintain. They are most likely tasked with helping keep interesting conversations going, and posting new sources of research and keeping the boards active.

I appreciate their efforts, and even more so, if they are neither a cancer patient or a caregiver. I just found this site by accident and I truly wish I would have found it a year or two earlier. The great thing I like about this online community is that it truly is an old style web community. Back in the day when the internet became the World Wide Web and it was awash with forum based web sites like this that had Admins tasked with just keeping the interest going to keep the board alive.

I ran a few during the early days of the web and you would always want to find Admins or Moderators to keep things alive, and if you found good ones, you lasted a long time. Then came MySpace and Facebook and blew that out of the water and I think the web has been destroyed because of those two sites.

I just appreciate, as I am sure you do, their hard work and dedication regardless of the reason they are here.

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I'm glad you're still posting to this site? How are you nowadays? I think of you often as we are neighbors though we've never met. I pray you're doing well. You've done a lot good and have been an encouragement to many. God bless you.


Ruthie1950 - I couldn't leave this place even if I wanted. I find this site to be refreshing, and it does give my spirits a lift when I need them lifted. Lately the struggle has become even more so, which means I have piled even more stuff on my plate that I fear will not get done as I run out the clock.

I am working on getting my non-profit foundation up and running, and trying to keep up with that, working on the web sites for a few things, and just trying to stay busy, has kept me tired, but busy. Which is what I really need.

Next week is the start of another round of chemo, plus I get a scan earlier in the week. So, weeks like that, tend to make me clinch a little. Once Thursday comes, and the docs have read the scans, IF we continue with treatment, that day is a 6-8 hour day and the start of wearing a chemo pump for 4 days, around the clock.

Lately those days have wiped away a whole week while I recover from the treatment.

So, rest assured, I am still here, still putting up a fight and still feeling the love of so many dear friends I have found on this site. Including yourself.

Thank you for asking about me, and thank you for letting me know you think about me often. It means a lot to me, it really does.


@Livingnow Thank you for being part of this community and taking the time to comment. Free to Breathe is a nonprofit advocacy organization that is committed to supporting anyone who is facing lung cancer. This online community is one way in which we offer support to patients, caregivers, survivors, or anyone who has been affected by lung cancer. Many of our staff have been personally affected by lung cancer, and all are dedicated and passionate about making a difference in fighting this deadly disease. We work with many oncologists who are experts in the treatment of lung cancer to be sure we are always providing the most up to date and accurate information. I have a PhD and extensive experience in the field of lung cancer. Having lost family members to cancer is what motivated me to work in advocacy. Peggy is an RN who manages our Support Line. She has cared for many people diagnosed with cancer during her career and has lost many family members to the disease. Travis is an expert on helping make sure that the website runs smoothly. As administrators, we try to welcome new members and offer support. We answer questions or provide information about treatments when appropriate, but encourage members to talk to their doctors about their specific treatments. We also try to let members know that Free to Breathe has many resources that might be useful to them. We just want people to know that we are here and are sincere in wanting to help in any way that we can. We welcome any feedback on how we can better serve this community.


Thank you

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At last years Lung Cancer Leadership Conference I met many staff members from Free to Breathe.

First let me say that they were responsive without being solicitous, and genuinely caring individuals.

The educational component of the conference was incredibly informative and the breakout workshops did much to make me feel comfortable in my own skin talking to news organizations as a lung cancer advocate.


FtB Mary and i'm here to help,I help as many people as I can and I think I do a decent job of it. You guys you are the best I have been cancer free going on my fourth year. Every one on here you admins. your great Travis named me community Super Hero,I have a job to do to make this communitiy I s the best it can be with yourand Peggy and travis help,also help with deciding what we can do to make it that way.I really care and I would like every one to come up with something we could emplement for all of us What ever it is will discuss it. I would like it to be maybe talkin to each other or over the phone. I hope we can find something. we need from him, I was going to ask wheres my cape. See you travis. I'm here for all of us. The super hero. Care about you you all. with love jo


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