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Hey everyone,

Dad's on his "third line" treatment with Abraxane and been tolerating it pretty well.

Side effects mostly have been joint and muscle pain the day or 2 after.

Treatment tomorrow and next Friday and then another PET scan.

The week of the scan is always unsettling for all of us...as my dad puts it, "every time he thinks he's getting to the end of the tunnel he gets sucked back down"

But we do remain positive, live and be thankful for today and the memories we continue to make.

Have a great day everyone.

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Jessi, Bless you for the update, I know it is hard when you are in the thick of it.

Hang on to each other, and know that not one of us is underestimating what a hard road this is.

Caring hugs.

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Thanks Peggy!!!

Thinking of you too!!

Have a wonderful holiday

All best hopes for a good scan report for your dad. Today was scan day for me and I was a nervous wreck - scanxiety is difficult to avoid and rough on the whole family. Glad to read he is tolerating treatment well. It sounds like he could not have a more loving support network.

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Thank you and best wishes and positive vibes for your scan.

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It was a good news day, I'm stable. Whew!


Its tough having a treatment just before the holiday but your family seems to be making the most of of each day you've been given. How long do they usually make him wait for results of the scan?

Why are they doing a PET scan so soon after treatment? The cancer will still be responding to the chemo and will likely give a high SUV reading. Usually they wait a couple weeks and do a CT scan.

Please let us know what happens.

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That's interesting you say that about the SUV, he typically gets his scans Scan a week after he finishes a round. When he received the neulasta we did notice that if the scan was too close but he does not get that anymore and we haven't seen that in his follow up scans .

The cancer has spread to a new area of the bone so they check him more often now via PET

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Sorry about the previous progression but glad that he is stable. When I wrote before I forgot about the newer PET/CT machines. Are you lucky enough to go to a facility that has one?

His dr sounds like a good thorough doc. I'm always glad to read about docs like that.

This is a terrific way to get into the swing of the holidays. Wishing you many more blessings this holiday season.

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