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5th week feels longer the wraps are going well I find first days are still worse

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but folks it does get better. Shoes have arrived that will fit exploding feet _ what a relief I had become quite demented at the prospect of summer in boots (ugly boots at that) this was thanks to widerfeet.com

I am due for review in another 7 weeks hurray.

thanks for all the useful tips guys gins

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Oh that is great about your shoes situation...ya know even one or two things that help gives one a BIG BOOST and lifts one's morale...so grab at any small improving steps and relish in them..

I will be thinking of you when you have your review....I have one next month and am eager to find out how I have progressed ...I can't wait ...

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Good luck with your review hope it is going your way :) xgins

Hi Gins! Lovely news about your shoes - nice little rhyme there ... ! Reading your 'blog' has helped me enormously, in ways you cannot imagine. Shoes are important to all of us, some more so than others because of the range of severity with this condition.

Widerfeet seems a great company - with shoes up to Size 9 for women (size 14 for men) and unbelievable width fittings, some VAT free! And they will even try their best with made-to-fit sizes. We need more companies like this to help us lymphos!

Ronlin is quite right to say how any, even small, improving steps can seem so important to us.

I've just got my first NHS provided stockings - toeless with a lace grip top, and made by a German company Jobst. They seem to fit well, so far, and are of a very high quality. I have been pleasantly surprised, and this, together with reading your comment this morning, has cheered me up!

I really appreciate this site and the lymphos who share advice, experiences and feelings that can reach out to possibly isolated souls out there, and bring a glimmer of light into dark days.

My thanks to you all.

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Legs eleven keep smiling your stocking sound marvelously trendy with even a hint of Oh La La :) good luck with them xgins

So glad everything is going well gins, everyday can only get better now.

Wow LegsEleven I collected my new stockings from the hospital on Monday and they were made by the same German company called Jobst. They were made to measure, so they fit my legs wonderful and they are higher on one side to go over my top thigh, they do keep your legs warm I have found. But do keep the swelling down due to being level 3 in compression. :)

I got my 1st pr of compression stockings in mid Novemeber...had a review done in early January and wow the measurements were soooo down by centimetres that my legs warranted stockings a size smaller...got the new ones on February 1st...wooohoooo so the stockings sure are doing their job in keeping the swelling in check....along with my daily walking routine....Now I am getting excited cos as I said I am due for a review in April...and I think the biggest surprise my Lymphoedema therapist is going to get is that the fibrosis of both legs seems to have almost disappeared......and there is lovely new skin instead....and I am thinking new stockings are warranted.....I am AMAZED...seeing that my legs have had looked plaquey woody and brown orange peel for years ...did I say I am EXCITED??...

I will let you know what her comments are ....

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I am so pleased for you I hope the review goes well. Good luck xgins

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