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Is lymphoedema classed as a disability in the work place?

I ask this as my employer has requested me to attend an ability meeting next week as he feels I am unable to do my work " to their standards" even though I have had an Occupational health assessment saying I am able too

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hi blackpoollass

there isn't a list of things (except cancer, hiv & a couple of others) that are covered - it's about the effect on you

the equality act says you're disabled (& therefore protected by it) if you meet their definition of disabled which is "if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities."

don't suppose you're in a union? be good to join one & get a quick bit of advice

& meanwhile ask to see a copy of the 'ability meetings' (you couldn't make it up! but someone did - what a daft name) policy to see what your employer thinks your rights are, and ask for a written statement in advance of the meeting specifying which aspects of your work don't meet their standards & in what way - ask them to be v specific with examples (& remind them in an email if poss), altho i guess you all agreed sthg wasn't quite right when the occy health referral was made; who's going to be at the meeting & why, & it wouldn't do any harm to have a phone in your pocket & accidentally press record at the beginning of the meeting

sounds like bullying tactics to me - the policy should say who you can have at the meeting with you (a friend or a co-worker, say, if you haven't got a union rep - & if you have got a union rep & s/he can't make the date next week your mgr will need to postpone) & what's supposed to happen at the meeting, what might happen next etc & will also say if there's anything your mgr should have done before getting to the meeting stage

if you're in the cancer clan, macmillan have an advice line where they know lots about this stuff, & i'm not sure if this forum has a 'message to another forum user' function but if it does & you can find it feel free to pm me & i assume i'll get an email

good luck, sorry that turned into an essay, & don't let the b*******s grind you down


Thanks for your reply. I am in a union and have contacted them and my rep is meeting me before the meeting to go through things and will come to the meeting with me...she says that the issues raised can be sorted out and will be.......


Good luck with this, I am glad you have the support of your union as it will make a big difference. I hope it all goes to plan for you.

Please keep us posted on how you get on. As this condition effects people in different ways and so much of the effects it has are open to interpretation it is always useful to know what challenges people have faced and what the results have been. I am in the early stages of all of this having recently been diagnosed with primary lymphoedema in both legs. As a teacher I can see a rocky road ahead in terms of what I can do and what I am expected to do so i am sure I will be in a similar position to you at some point in the future.


Thanks again. As soon as I can I will let you know how it went.


i found in the nhs yes was disability but when it came to claiming disability allowance after i lost my job it isnt classified so its not fair is it, we dont ask for this why should we suffer, think of all the prescriptions, should be like other life complaints wher you have excemption, unfortunately it isnt.


Unless you have an illness which is excempt or you live in South Wales or aged over 60yrs you will have to pay for your prescriptions. The answer is to pay for your prescriptions in advance ie: 3months, 6months or yearly. Which is a much cheaper way if you need more than 4 items.


Personally I would let them sack me if that is how want to be and then take them to a Tribunial for unfair dismissal.

Hope you have got on ok though seriously. Its been a couple of months now since you posted.


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