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Welcome to the Lymphoedema Support Network Health UNlocked Community. As a charity run by peole with the condition and over 21 years of experience of supporting and informing others we know just how challenging it can be to get on top of lymphoedema. We hope that you will use this space to share your experiences of lymphoedema and learn more about the condition.

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I'm not sure where my previous posts are, however I have been using a velcro stocking on one leg for afew weeks recommended by a vascular surgeon. Today I started using two stockings with velcro starting from the ankle from the lymphodema nurse, I am not at all happy with these as I wanted velcro from the bottom, I cannot get the ankle part over my foot, thats why I didn't want the normal lymphodema stockings, I use oxygen and got very breathless today putting one on, my partner had to help me this evening to take them off and even he had difficulty, I have problems with breathing anyway so don't know how I'm going to manage these each day, they have made marks on my leg too.

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I don't know how old your post is but will try to make a comment. I've tried compression stockings twice and both times had shortness of breath. I think the breathing problem should have precidence over wearing compression stockings. The problem is that the lymphorrea (the fluid in your lymph and tissues) continues on up your body when you have the compression stockings which then causes swelling in your abdomen and then your lungs and heart. I'm speaking from my own expereince and my family experience with all of this. Your legs can, as some suggest, get so big they leak and cause great big sores and I don't know whether stockings are very favorable for this situation.

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