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Hope for us all !

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The passing (finally!) of the Lymphoedema Treatment Act is a tremendous win for Lymphie patients in the US. It’s been a decade long fight by LE and LD advocates to finally achieve passage of the Act to ensure minimum LE coverage standards by private insurance companies. As health care is privatised in the US having minimum standards across all insurers is a huge step forward. However, the average health insurance cover for a self-employed or for part-time employed person is terribly expensive i.e. 6k - 20k per year for basic, low level coverage. This is out of reach for millions, so even with minimum lymphoedema coverage standards it means the basic LE intervention won’t be free or low cost for countless patients. Our NHS isn’t without its problems, and for some it can be a post code lottery, but I choose our NHS all day long over the US privatised, profiteering approach to medical “care”. In instances where those of us can afford to go private it is much less expensive thus making it within reach compared to going private in the US.

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Hi CCT67

I agree I am very grateful for the NHS too.

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