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Lino cutting (!)

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Out of interest, has anyone with arm lymphoedema tried lino cutting (I'm talking about the crafting activity, not laying flooring!)? I'd really like to give it a go, but it also strikes me as precisely the kind of thing that might aggravate my lymphoedema. (Repetitive, carving action.) I gather you can buy quite soft lino-type material to carve, but I'm still worried. Thanks! 🙂

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I think you should give it a go - try a workshop or class. Not done it myself, but have watched an artist friend doing it. Her tools were very sharp, apparently, so very little pressure was needed. I have clients with lymphoedema who will not let their condition affect their hobbies other than making sure they don’t get too engrossed and end up spending too many hours doing the same thing!

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sleeviejeebies in reply to Lynora

Thanks Lynora. That's encouraging. (Trying not to let this condition run my life, although it does!) 🙄

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I too think you should give it a try. I have Lymphoedema in my right arm and have continued to do my artistic activities. Get a soft lino or work with sheets of soft balsa wood. Be careful to protect your fingers, the tools should be very sharp and always carve away from yourself. I’ve noticed any cuts I’ve had or scratches I get in my lymph swollen arm take longer to heal. Be safe and enjoy!

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Thank you Lucy. I've just ordered some materials and am looking forward to giving it a go! I'm glad you're still able to keep up your artistic activities. It's important! 🙂

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I don't have lymphoedema in my arms (in my legs)but I do have severe osteoarthritis in both hands plus everywhere else and I do lino cutting I have both the soft cut and traditional lino and when my arthritis is really bad I use soft cut. But if you are going to use traditional lino heat it up on a radiator or use a hairdryer it makes it easier to carve,but most importantly enjoy it

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Thank you Loramay! I managed to get hold of both softcut and traditional lino and softcut is definitely easier on the arm. I'll have to do some more experimenting to see which I prefer. I'm enjoying it so far and my arm doesn't seem to be any more swollen thankfully. I've tried the radiator trick to soften up the lino (and also sitting on it!) 🙂

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