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stiffness in hands and fingers

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hi all

I have lymphodema in my hand. During the day my fingers swell and they become stiff is this normal? I hate the stiff feeling. In the morning my hands look almost perfect but feel stiff. When I wriggle my fingers the stiffness goes. But during the day if I am resting they get stiff again, it is like the fluid goes to my fingers .

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Can you get hold of an 'stress ball' hand exerciser? Or even Silly Putty or PlayDoh - anything to keep your hands active. After washing hands (use this opportunity to massage the fingers and palms before rinsing) apply a non-greasy hand cream and continue the massage routine to include long stroking moves over the wrist towards the elbow.

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Thanks Lynora, so that is normal then you is or? You need to keep active?

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So I need to stay active is that it. It’s a bit hard, I feel every time I go for a rest now I am nervous as I know my hands will be stiff afterwards which is very disheartening .

Lynora is an expert in all things lymphoedema! I would only add to keep your hands resting/raised on a support like a cushion or pillow when you are sitting to let the lymph fluid in your fingers drain back to your arm. And have you ever been offered a compression glove as that might help during the day.

You don't mention compression garments. I have these, for both hands. I don't have much swelling but I have faulty lymphatics in both hands. A little swelling and stiffness occurs from time to time, especially in hotter weather. They are excellent. I have primary lymphoedema in both legs/feet and below knee. I knew my hands weren't right so paid for private tests. I am not classed as having lymphoedema, in my hands, but am at risk. The lymph vessels in my hands are pretty much non existent but the odd one I have is probably attached to blood vessels and keeping full blown lymphoedema at bay - at least for the time being. I find the compression gloves very comfy and reassuring.

Hand compression garment

Getting stiff or pins and needles types of feelings in joints where you have Lymphoedema is normal. However, if you feel that your blood supply is cutting off then you should seek medical help for this as something is going wrong with your circulation. Sometimes the compression may be too harsh and for this to work it will need reviewing.

Dear all thanks for replies. So wish drug was available. I know they are doing trials in the us. Hopefully in the next few years we will have something please god

Interesting. Yes I have been to lots of docs and physios. Latest advice is to stop wearing compression as I had bandaging last year for too long and they think my hand is over sensitive and needs to recover. It’s a tough one. I used to wear compression all the time but my body doesn’t want now. My poor hand is sore now. Will send photo . Am swimming every day to help.


I have lymphoedema in my left hand , I wear a compression glove on mine

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Thanks turtle. I find the glove hurts my hand and also makes swelling in the palm of my hand. Do you find this? Also do you just wear a glove or a glove and a sleeve? By any chance would you mind sending a photo of your hand?

I’m beginning to think If I could just tape my fingers and back of hand without compressing palm of hand that might be better , but I don’t k is how to do that

I do find that the glove does hurt my hand occasionally , but it does do it job

This is my lymphoedema hand
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Thanks turtle. I find that when I wear a glove it seems to increase the swelling at the back of the hand, as the swelling can’t get past the wrist. And also the palm of the hand. And this is with a made to measure glove. It’s as if it keeps the swelling out of the fingers. But then there is a blockage between the knuckles and the wrist, and fluid can pool here which freaks me out. So I am trying to manage without and just swim as much as I can and do self massage and exercises etc. does anyone else have this experience?

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