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Ineffective Farrow Wraps

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I am wearing Farrow Wraps on my calves. They simply will not stay put and slide down after a short time. I have concluded that the hard structure along the back in not hard enough to support them. Anyone else have this situation?

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We’re you given them by your clinic? Do you wear them at night? If you wear them during the day, are you quite active? Some of my clients had this ‘problem’ so changed to a different product. Not sure if they are available where you are (USA?) but Juzo Compression Wraps did the job. They do not have a ‘solid’ seam.

I've worn Farrow Wraps for three years. It's only in the last year that they haven't held up. I buy new ones every 6 months and the current wraps are less than two months old. I am normally active for someone with a trendelenburg gait and a defective hip revision.

There are other wrap products with a different design to Farrow Wrap in the US (this is a UK site). Speak to your CLT or fitter about other options. I never liked the Farrow Wrap so moved on to a different wrap that works more effectively for me.

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I will try another sort of wrap. BTW, my mother is from Camborne in Cornwall.

Depending on how big your calf is, you could try Easy Wrap - it is more 'narrow' and doesn't have a support as such, the velcro is a lot stronger. I've had my Farrow Wrap years and never had an issue but I only wear them at night.

I have one of those pyramid shaped calfs, problematic for my fitter but she said that the Farrow Wraps would work. They did for awhile.

I have Circaid Juxtafit Premium. They stay on well and work well for legs. But not sure which countries they are available in. I bought mine in France.

I’ve used farrow wraps and had exactly the same issue . I’ve changed now and have soft black juzo wraps and I find these much better and more comfortable . They don’t have any stiff supports in the back and are easier to wear under clothes .

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