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Hi does anyone have trouble swallowing antibiotic capsules? And do they feel like they don't go down properly thereafter all food feels hard to get down?now even paracetamol feels lodged. Will liquid antibiotic help or will it be the same side effects?


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My Dad had a lifelong issue with oral medication - together with many foodstuffs he simply couldn’t tolerate in his mouth - possibly as a result of a traumatic accident when he was 14 and had to use top and bottom dentures.He used suppositories. When I lived in Belgium in the early 90’s, we too were given suppositories for infection and pain. Have a chat with your GP.

Most medications are available as ‘suspensions’ - and often flavoured!

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Hi thank you for your reply. I am really annoyed as on Friday after chat with GP I went to collect some liquid Fluloxacillin I started it straight away but I only had a 100ml bottle I ran out yesterday. I rang the surgery this morning to ask why the gp would supply this knowing it would run out and that she new my condition ! I also mentioned it was my third cellulitis infection in my arm since June. Next time I shall just go to A&E it really is so frustrating. I am so thankful for the contacts on Healthunlocked 😔

Hi ameliapond! Here is a tip when swallowing capsules…bend your head down/forward so that the capsule floats closer to your throat to assist swallowing. If you still can’t swallow the capsule, ask for liquid or lower strength and double up. Hope this helps!

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