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I have secondary lymphoedema in my left leg .... resulting from damage caused by a cycling accident some years ago.

It does not result in an enormous build-up, but the problem progresses slowly. I find a wrap very useful along with lots of leg elevation and some MLD .... self-administered.

I was first prescribed one (wrap) following a (very) infrequent visit to my local lymphoedema clinic.

A follow-up was prescribed by my local GP's surgery over a year later. Now I need another. The surgery nurse insisted upon a doppla before prescribing. The appointment for this was late afternoon. My leg had naturally built up and, subsequently, with no reading available in it she refused to prescribe.

Earlier in my appointment I had asked her advice about an expensive Lymphatic Drainage machine I was considering purchasing. She told me that I would need get that advice from the Specialist Lymphatic Clinic.

I told her that that clinic (and appointments are virtually impossible nowadays in any case) had previously prescribed a wrap without need for a Doppler. She stumbled a bit about the contradiction, but still refused me a wrap.

I am now considering buying a wrap off my own back. Can anybody advise me why this might be inadvisable? I had, by then, lost faith in the surgery nurse who just seemed to prove the point that the medical profession as a whole are somewhat dismissive and ignorant when it comes to our condition.

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As as wraps are adjustable, they are much less inadvisable to buy without specialist Lymph nurse advice than compression hosiery. The Haddenham Healthcare’s Easy Wrap system is brilliant (it’s now my favourite over Juzo and Farrow wraps due to a much better designed knee section) and it’s less costly than other compression manufacturers (it’s a UK company). Easy Wrap comes in both beige and black. As your GP practice nurse is obviously is not well educated about lymphoedema and you’re getting no where with referral back to lymph clinic, go ahead and self-pay for the wraps. Ask them to waive VAT which is straight forward - they’ll send you a form to fill out and return.

In respect of buying a compression pump, it’s less straight forward. I‘ve had two pumps, each had the most clinical trials behind them of pumps on the market. Pumps are a mixed picture re effectiveness (very individual) and I never would have bought mine without trialling them first. Many lymph clinics have pumps for patients to have a go on. It’s tricky as you’re not under a clinic (unless you are and I’ve misunderstood). If you speak to Haddenham Healthcare you may be able to hire/trial their pump system (they have a couple of models), and LymphaPress offered trial/hire pre-Covid. Both are very reputable brands. Whatever you do don’t buy a cheap pump on Amazon as you could very well further damage your lymphatics by using a pump not specially designed and calibrated for lymphodenomous limbs

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Brilliant advice. Thank you so much.

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If you feel you would like support from a lymphoedema specialist you could ask your GP for a referral to a lymphoedema clinic albeit NHS clinics are a postcode lottery. Or if you are OK to go privately lymphoedema specialists can be located on: MLDUK.org.uk Look for those with 'member DLT' after their name as they will have a range of skills to help lymphoedema.

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