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Covid vaccine advice


Seeking advice please. Has anyone who has had the Covid vaccine in the UK had any problems with it affecting their lymphoedema? I am very conflicted about having the vaccine as although I don't want Covid, I don't want any long term issues, such as extra swelling, which I have heard can happen. I have primary lymphoedema with mostly lower limb swelling, however my face, hands and arms do swell also on a bad day. I am concerned that several of my work colleagues have had their lymph nodes swell up under the armpit after having the jab, albeit temporary. It really is a difficult decision as I don't want to make my condition any worse, yet I need to be sensible regarding Covid.

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Have you seen the advice on our website Stargazer?

I have had my first jab and am having my second tomorrow. I have primary lymphoedema. I didn't have any side effects. There is information on the website of the Lymphoedema Support Network.

I had no problem whatsoever.

I had my first jag (Astra Zeneca) a few weeks ago and though I had cold/flu symptoms about 15hrs later n lasted for about 36hrs, my lymph nodes were not affected. I have secondary lymphodema in my right breast, arm n upper back from operation. The advice from my LT is that it should not affect the lymph nodes, though as with anything, some will have a stronger reaction than others

I have primary lymphoedema mainly in my left leg but also right leg and right arm. I had my first jab 4 weeks ago in my left arm, I am left handed but chose to avoid the arm that has slight lymphoedema . I didn't feel a thing and had no side effects at all.

I had AZO vaccine yen weeks ago I had a niggling headache for three days, taking a total of 7 paracetomols during those three days

I have lymphoedema in my lower legs, permanent atrial fibrillation and chronic asthma. No effect on any of those conditions

Looking forward to having the 2nd jab in early May.

I've had one of my Vaccines and nothing has affected me

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