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Has anyone used or bought a LymphFlow Advance machine from Haddenhams?


My lymphoedema clinic recommended the LymphFlow Advance machine to me but I am unable to try it out first because of Covid. I wonder if anyone has one, or uses one on a regular basis? I have lymphoedema in lower legs and feet and secondary in one arm following cancer.

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I have and it’s brilliant and well worth getting one if you intend to use it about 4 times a week. I enquired for a refurbished machine and I did in fact get a fair bit off.

I am in the process of trying a machine. I am trying twice a day and I have requested information about reconditioned units

See more about how Haddenham helped me on aftercancers.com/my-lymphoe...

Yes I have one. It works well. However I have only used it a handful of times. But I’ve decided as I am walking a good number of miles each day, and my legs are fine I prefer to do that instead of using the machine. I have the full body garment with it. If anybody on here is interested I would be happy to sell it. I paid £3.200. I would sell for £1.500.

Hi ive seen your post i may be interested. Please can u tell me exactly what u have for sale regards. Justine

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