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Post-radiotherapy (breast cancer) lymphedema


I'm caring for my mother, just out of hospital with stage 4 breast (and bone and liver) cancer. MASSIVE problem is lymphedema. I'm doing daily massages etc on her. Has anyone tried the compression/massage/inflatable boot things? I'm reading so much on them, but don't know where to go to/what is best. Any advice is HUGELY appreciated as I'm desperate to help my mother. x

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Really recommend you get in touch with and get advice about how to look after your Mum. In some cases, the IPC (intermittent pneumatic compression) devices are too ‘fierce’. An MLD practitioner may have experience of using these devices, in conjunction with lymph drainage massage.

FayBr in reply to Lynora

Brilliant, thanks Lynora. I was worrying that they might be too fierce alright. And perhaps a little bit too commercial. I'll look up mldireland. x

The Lymphoedema Support Network has a telephone helpline. Details on their website

FayBr in reply to AnneBury

Fab! Thanks so much Anne

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