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Can anyone tell me a retailer that will supply me with the glue to hold up my hosiery. My stockings are falling down and it’s embarrassing if wearing a skirt.


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“Staysput” from ebay. £8. It really does work! I was always hoicking up my stocking! Now put a couple of dabs around my knee and a couple underneath the top band - and hey presto they stay up all day!

Hepsibar in reply to Juliawoods

Thanks I have had glue but couldn’t remember retailer I will see if they have web site as I don’t use eBay or Facebook etc

Perido in reply to Hepsibar

I order my skin glue on-line: see following link:

I buy It Stays online from Medicare. I’ve registered with them as being VAT exempt, which means I can buy it without VAT being added on. Very helpful people (you need to phone them to organise that and order without VAT), and very prompt delivery.

I recently ordered several bottles to tide me over in case supply is disrupted early next year due to Bexit - didn’t want to take any chances as my stocking is useless without the glue and it’s not available on prescription.

Hope this helps.

Hepsibar in reply to DeborahS32

Thanks very helpful ....I never thought of ordering bulk because of Brexit and will register with Medicare .

I use Jobst brand “It Stays” roll on. I buy 3 pack on Amazon but it is also carried at medical supply shops.

Hepsibar in reply to j9sinclair


I order mine from sigvaris - the hosiery company. It comes as a roll-on, it's very easy to use, no mess and lasts ages.

Perido in reply to onelegbigger

Hi onelegbigger

If it's OK to ask, is your stocking a circular knit or flat knit? and what compression strength is it? I wear a class 2 flat knit stocking and the Sigvaris glue doesn't hold it in place particularly well. Klebi from Haddenhams works better for me.

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