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Does anyone know of anywhere you can purchase compression stockings for VERY LARGE legs? My calves both measure 28-29".

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Daylong sells off the shelf compression. They could probably order in larger sizing if not already in stock

Hello, I have similarly sized calves. I do not know where you can buy them but my treating specialist gets me haddenham brand knee high compression stockings in a size 15, they fit and work well. I have never been able to find large enough ones otherwise.

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You can get 'made to measure' through your therapist - Juzo products are excellent (get mine for my arm, but can be ordered for any body part)

I get the Juzo ones for my arm and both my legs through my clinic. I'm a big person and they have no trouble making them my size. Plus they come in a range of cool colours!

Hi. Do you attend a clinic. I know they are currently shut in most areas of the world dut to Corona. However the special compression stockings either come in size ranges or can be tailor made. Your specialist nurse will be able to accurately measure and order to fit. They take a few weeks to turnaround. Otherwise look up sigvaris or Mediven and try their websites. Hope this is a starting point. Where in the world are you. I’m in the UK and luckily the areas I have lived had good facilities access to care.

You need to speak to a specialist who would measure you properly.

Ideally you need to be measured by a trained therapist/nurse for the stockings. And they would also be able to correctly advise on which type of material ( round knit/flat knit), what style, and what strength (class1/2/3) is most appropriate for the size, and shape of your leg and which would e safe to wear to help and control your leg swelling. Have you been referred to a lymphoedema service at all?

Hi, Medi company has special velcro stocking for large size named Circaid juxtafit

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