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Coronavirus and lymphoedema


Would it be dangerous to work as a tester for Coronavirus ( i.e taking swabs from people) if I have lymphoedema?

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As long as you follow all PPE guidelines, I can’t see why it would be a problem. If you are an HCP, have you discussed your reservations with your line manager?

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Hi, I am not working at the moment but need something to keep me busy.

I'm sure there isn't any actual data that says lymphedema patients are higher risk to Covid19 than anyone else. However, you should remember that your lymphatic system is directly part of your immune system and many people have different immune responses to the disease. I wouldn't risk it if I were you as you'd be exposed to a high volume of viral load through the days. I should note I'm not a medic or scientist!

Hi, I think if you looking for a job to keep you busy there are plenty other jobs which do not have increased risk of infection. Please note that lymphatic system is part of immune system, so we are at increased risk of worse side effect of Covid-19.

I'm a retired HCP and covid tester is the sort of role I would be motivated to undertake. However I don't think I would, not so much because of immunity implications, because I believe that only my leg (I have unilateral lower limb secondary lymphoedema) has compromised immunity e.g risk for cellulitis. Wrongly or rightly I don't feel I'm more at risk of ending up in ICU due to severe covid than anyone else in my demographic. However, being a covid tester would increase my chances of getting the disease and if I did become very unwell and was unable to don my compression, be mobile etc. my lymphoedema would deteriorate.

I think you’ve been given some good advice . Lymphoedema doesn’t make you more susceptible to catching the virus but it would make it harder to treat you as your immune system isn’t working properly so why take the risk . Our advice would be to socially distance so I don’t think this would be a good role for you to undertake

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