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I've just received my letter from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who, as I write is being treated in intensive care for COVID 19. All very sobering and as our movements outside our homes is even more restricted, keeping fit, or at least active, is becoming more challenging. Easy to think we could just throw the towel in! But if we are also living with lymphoedema or lipoedema we know it is even more important that we keep our limbs moving and bodies as active as possible. Evidence shows that this will improve our cardiovascular system and enhance lymphatic drainage throughout the body. Keeping static has the opposite effect and can actually make our lymphoedema worse, allowing fluid to `pool' in some areas and become uncomfortable , maybe even restricting range of movement or function.

So how can we keep things moving when we're `confined to barracks'?


If you've ever attended physiotherapy you may have been given a length of coloured non latex stretchy band... THERABAND is the type commonly used.


These come in different strengths, graded by colour. They can be used when sitting , standing, lying and can be a simple and cheap way to maintain or regain muscle strength, dexterity, joint mobilisation and core strength.

You can buy similar bands online... they're cheap and easily postable. Choose the lightest first. start with really gentle joint mobilisation exercises first. For a few minutes at a time, gradually build up, all the time judging how it s affecting your area of swelling. Always wear your garment during exercise. Choose the simplest and lowest level of each exercise first and slowly build up. Go back to easier ones if you feel discomfort or your selling seems to get worse. A chart with basic exercises usually comes with the exercise band.

Hope this helps.....


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Thanks for this x

glad you liked it. Part 2 re water bottles being written! And I'm hoping to get a brilliant link for some specific theraband exercises for patients with lymphoedema, from a brilliant physiotherapist. I'll share both when I have it.... take care

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