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Baby's swollen feet


My niece is 2 weeks old and was born with swollen feet, she is being tested for turner's ,is there any other reasons for it

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Turner’s is a congenital/chromosomal condition. Hopefully the baby & her parents, will receive lots of advice and support from the paediatricians involved in her treatment. The swelling may resolve/reduce over the next few weeks - the health care professionals will have more information.

Hi Billy14

I’m sorry to hear about your niece. A high percentage of baby’s with Turners have Primary Lymphoedema in their feet - sometimes this resolves which I do hope is the case for your niece. Often it doesn’t in which case your niece’s parents may find they feel less isolated by connecting with other parents of lymphie children.

There are LE parents groups on FB and Instagram, and a fantastic blog by the mum of Cora Jean Rubin (TheLittleLymphie) who was born in 2016 with complex lymphatic malformations and Primary LE.


Hi, my daughter has primary Lymphedema, it can also be caused by Milroys and Noonans syndrome or just be primary lymphedema with no associated conditions. Our daughter also has KTS but that is extremely rare and there is always a large portwine birthmark on the affected limb. I second the advice by CCT67 there's an excellent facebook group called Lymphedema- Parent Support where you can post any questions you have very supportive. Cora Jeans mum is also a member.Good luck!

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