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Why do my feet get red patches and hurt after I little in the shower?


After I little while in the shower I get red patches around my feet there A little itchy at first but after I little they hurt I sit down but if I go to stand back up in a minute it dose the same thing it’s been doing it for quite sometime now and it makes me scared dose anyone know what is wrong but once I get out of the shower in like 2 minutes it’s gone like it never happened

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Thinking it's a two point problem, one is that hot water increases blood flow to skin capillaries (which is why you can climb out of a hot bath a bit pink all over). The other is the effect of gravity when you are standing. So you could try getting a shower seat and using it in the shower instead of standing?

Hi I suffer from lymphoedema from 16 years now in a leg. It's absolutely normal to have red patches. There is more of them and they become itchy, sometimes painful and leg feels hot, if you use conpression. Your compression garments make your leg tight. When you take off the stocking or wraps to go for shower the blood is coming down makes your leg patchy. This settle down in fee minutes while you leg is up.

Is the water too hot? Because I get itchy if the water is too hot. However, in relation to redness I would ask whether you have a low grade cellucitis or cellulitis infection of the skin layer. If the redness gets darker, or the swelling more prominent and starts to look bruised and you then have difficulty in walking it is time to get to the doctor urgently. Who will more than likely recommend you to a hospital for internal antibiotics.

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