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I have done the transfer lymph nods in Taiwan

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Hi to all. Thanks allot to this website and the group and the participants whom supported us for all values informations and share both benefits together.

As I promised you that I will back to you when I made my mind to go for the transfer lymph nodes operation and starts the procedures.

Any way. I have arranged with this professor Sr Ming Chung in Taiwan since May 2019 and after following up with my case and also I let my local Dr conversation in my country having good feedback to go for this kind of surgery as I passed all the trails to overcome my miles lymphodema situation.

I arrived on 8 December2019 and had the operation on 11 th December after pre checks and precaution of my case response and results.

Operation took about 6 hours and then transferred to ICU for a week with out moving from the bed as my wound is still opened as part of the procedure which will be closed by next week before I transfer to normal room.

In the operation room I have seen the modified telescope and others instruments they are using and this gave more convenient that I am with right team in right place.

I hope I will overcome this period of heeling and back to normal live after all efforts happening

Thank again to all of you from my heart and I will show you some pictures which may little hurt some of you but this to give you hope they are still big hope to find treatment to your case and I will be so much happy to be part of finding this treatment to you.


Good luck to all and pray for me and being of me.

Best regards

Mohd Ibrahim


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The correct name of the professor is Dr correct name is Ming-Huei Cheng

Sorry for incorrect


Mohd Ibrahim


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