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I am new Here.


hello all. i have secondary lower lymphodeama in both legs, my left foot/leg is much bigger than my right. the only footwear i can wear are sandals, but they need extra long straps to go round my feet. this means that if it rains i am housebound. for the last year i have been trying to find slippers to fit me!!!!! i have tried every where, cosyfeet and any other online shop that advertises larger foot fitting, invariably they dont. i have purchaSED AND RETURNED ABOUT 25 PAIRS OF SLIPPERS SO FAR. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS PLEASE. DO NOT SUGGEST COSYFEET I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING THEY SELL.

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Could you get your clinic to prescribe a pair of Cellona Shoes - several of my clients use them.


Do you live in the UK because I went to my GP asked if I can be referred to the orthotics at the hospital because they make specialist shoes and I get two pairs every 2 years and they are fantastic I couldn't wear anything before until I have these shoes

I don't know if you are male or female. However if you are female try men's footwear. Some styles are fine and men's footwear is wider and deeper than ladies footwear.

in the UK wider fit Uk shoes go up to really wide fitting

I used Velcro one wrap to extend the straps on my husbands Cosyfeet trainers , I also used it on his sandals to extend the straps . It comes in different widths and colours and you just cut it to size .

i have sandles with extra long straps, i drove down to the cosyfeet shop in street to be measured properly. but my real problem is trying to get slippers to fit, my left foot is very swollen, so i cannot find slippers to fit. i have bought and returned about 20 pairs of slippers. this means that i have to walk about indoors with bare feet, which causes lots of problems.

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