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Help please need advice


My godchild has cellulitis but is allergic to it he gas hives went to dr got meds and getting worse going back to dr but should i go to er

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I believe in Eastern and Western medicine and practices. Have you googled any holistic treatments? My experience with Western medicine is that they just wanted to give me more pills and I got fed up. Eastern aka holistic medicines approach the ills of the person as a whole. Some of the old treatments before we started getting pushed medicines do work. I am not saying that medications are not needed because they are at times.

Google natural or holistic or eastern ways that are suggested for your Godchild health issues.

You are in my prayers. Jan

Hi, yes. Please take him there now, if you haven't already. Cellulitis is very dangerous if not under control. He needs intravenous antibiotics immediately.

Please update, I hope he responds well and quickly. Big hugs to him XXX

Cellulitis can develop quickly in to sepsis if the medication is not working then go immediately to the hospital so they can treat with IV antibiotics. Do not wait

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