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Cellulitis question...


I have primary LE in my lower right leg. I was diagnosed Tuesday with cellulitis in it and also a kidney infection. I've never had it nor have I ever had pain in that leg. Only mild aching discomfort after a lot of walking.

What's new, redness, a disperse rash on the inner part of the lower leg from ankle to knee, pain on the opposite side that feels like a combination between a surface burn and a bruise. It's very tender to the touch. I was running a low grade fever, having severe chills and then sweats that resolved once the antibiotics were begun.

My question, is that a normal pain for cellulitis? Does it take the redness a while to go away? Itching has increased, but I figure that's a part of the healing progress. My doctor's follow up appointment isn't until Monday and I don't want to go back into emergency. I have no fever. My only issue besides the redness and pain on the surface of the affected leg is nausea and lack of appetite from the 2 antibiotics I'm on.

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Cellulitis was my introduction to lymphoedema.

My cellulitis did not progress well, so keep in contact with your doctor if you in the least bit worried. I gather improvement should have occurred within a week. So not to worry too much yet.

Your symptoms are as I suffered with cellulitis except my fever was not mild.

Good Luck

Your symptoms sound classic of cellulitis. Often oral antibiotics are not strong enough so IV may be needed. If redness is spreading, I would go to ER as you may need IV. Hope your symptoms are settling.

Cellulitis and Lymphedema is not a good combination. The challenge in the short term is the infection and in the longer term how much damage the infection and swelling does to your lymphatic system. I too have primary Lymphedema in my right leg, diagnosed when I was about 15. When I was 30 I got cellulitis in my right leg. It took me about 2 weeks to get over the worst of the infection but the swelling in my right leg increased from about 500cc excess fluid to about 2 litres. Now, 30 years on, I still can't get rid of that excess fluid. Hopefully your lymphatic system is better than mine but I STRONGLY advise you to got to bed and stay in bed (24*7) till the infection has cleared and the swell has gone down. Do not be tempted to get out of bed till the swelling has gone down, you may not get a second chance to reduce the swelling. I'll send a link to an account I wrote about dealing with cellulitis. It contains some hints and tips which I hope you will find helpful. Meanwhile get well soon.

I have had cellulitis and the pain I had was crippling. How I got it I'm not sure, but something had either got into my skin from one of the areas I had eczema or I was bitten by a horse fly or infected midge. My left ankle was swollen, very blue, and higher up the leg and towards my toes I had this awful redness. I was given a good 10 days of intravenous antibiotics and pain killers and then a further week to ten days of oral antibiotics and pain killers. My initial treatment though was started in the Centre for Tropical Contagious Diseases as they had thought the cellulitis could have been the end product of a foreign holiday etc. Despite not having been on one for about 3 years before the Cellulitis.

In speaking of the Cellulitis it was very painful, had me feeling dizzy and I had a temperature on and off. Getting in and out of the car was agony and I was given sticks to walk with for the short spell I needed them. Of course I knew something was wrong for at least three days before hand and did nothing as I had my last days of delivery to complete in a teaching job. Once those days were up, I did go straight to A & E and ended up in the Centre for Tropical Contagious Diseases. I will say this having learnt so much about this condition and how it can lead to things far worse, (Sceptecemia blood poisoning) I will never wait three days again, before doing anything about treatment.

It did worry me that my skin would stay permanently thickened but I was very lucky in that my skin returned to being smooth and scar free a good 6 months later. However, I was told and warned never to let the ankle and toes go dry so as a result of the cellulitis, so, I still use lots of hydrolmol as a moisturiser today and this is at least 4 years ago since I had the cellulitis.

I was also informed that once you have had cellulitis you are prone to having it at least once every two years. But I am pleased to say it has not returned.

My lymphodema in both ankles precedes the cellulitis by around 18 months. I hope you recover from this condition quickly and that it leaves you scar free.

TeresaMay in reply to DeadfootMo

I fortunately have not yet had a re-occurrence. I use copious amounts of lotion to look after my skin.

Thank you all so much for your responses. My symptoms have mostly all disappeared besides itchiness and tenderness. I have another follow up with my doctor today to make sure all continues to be on the right track. Just getting lots of rest, lots of fluids since the antibiotics make me so nauseous that I lack appetite and keeping the leg clean and moisturized. Good news is that all of my blood cultures all came back after 5 days completely clean, so definitely no septicemia.

I do have a nagging dry cough, but I'm fairly sure it's a viral thing my son shared with me.

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